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State of the game

BrownAleBrownAle Member Posts: 399

Hey i played this back in like 2011.  Left got a refund ect.

Heard some recent news that all is not well with the game.  Heard most of the player supporters of the game had left, the last ditch kickstart funding failed, and that it was just Jordi alone as the sole employee (ran out of money to hire low cost russian contract work)

I know the game went free, and didnt it go on steam?


So does anyone play this still?


Some questions:

How many people would you estimate play at any given time?

Did they get rid of the place holder combat, and if so how is combat now?

Are structures simply for looks still?

Did they fix the "bug" where armor had no benefits, same with weapons...naked punching use to be the OP thing when i played.

Did they actually add pve mobs?  Or is it the same 15-20 wildlife mobs that go extinct in game 15min after the server goes up (i remember crashes reset wildlife and it was a race to find them and kill them, i remember killing bears with fishing poles)


If anyone can give a resonable state of the game that would be nice.  I assumed i would be back to the game at some point, however i havent heard anything on progress being made and what i recently heard about the one man show and kickstart fail, i have to wonder if the games actually doing well or if the games on life support.


  • HodoHodo Member Posts: 542

    To answer you as best I can. 


    First I no longer play.   I left the game almost 6 or 7 months ago.


    The game population has been pretty hit and miss.   There are some new faces, but a few old ones, for the most part they have at most 100 different account logins per day.   This is estimated on Forum Activity and last time I was in.   


    The PvE has improved, but it is the same "place holder" combat system.   The PvE hunting is better, but there are still shortages of animals to hunt after a few weeks, but never really a shortage of the new creature/zombie thing.  


    There are parts of the game world where it looks like it is a packed sprawling metropolis and other parts where it is an endless span of abandoned totem sights and old terriforming buildups.  


    And for the most part I think the Steam campaign failed.   Which is sad, I think it would have needed the boost.

    Unfortunately I think Xsyon will die when some of these newer sandbox games are released over the coming months.   If I were you I would just wait and see what Repopulation has in store.  

    So much crap, so little quality.

  • dean_kdean_k Member Posts: 1

    Hello, I've been playing Xsyon for about 2 weeks and half now.


    The state of this game is sad. Extra sad because I like this game. The dev of the game updates the game once a year with a development circle of 6 month-ish. That's fine in its concept, but they do not fix critical bugs in between and players must wait for the long development circle.

    For a good example, "leather tool" in Leathercraft has been bugged since last Octorber. This tool is used to craft pretty much all high tier armors. While this tool is not mandatory and you can get by crafting VHQ+ sets by using lower tier sets, it's sad to see a craft profession not being able to craft about 40% of selection.

    I recently asked a guide and he(or she) stated that bug fixes come from major updates which they have been working on since ... nobody would answer me that.

    Above is just one example, but a fine example at that.


    As for your questions,

    - no, armor bonus does not apply if it's related to damage. Buff bonus does apply.

    - no, there are far less wild animals for PvE now and combat has not changed at all according to existing veterans.

    - Yes, structures are for the looks and looks only.

    + Unarmed was rebalanced and everyone uses axes now.

    - I have no idea how many players are online at once, but global chat is usually dead silent. At most, there are three players having a conversation and that's about it. My guess is 100 players at best even at its peak time.

  • KalafaxKalafax Member UncommonPosts: 567

    Plenty of people still play this game, I'd say the games population is prolly around 100-200, I see atleast 3 or 4 new players every day come into the game but whether or not that stay is a different story, all the tribes are open to everyone and help out as much as they can for the new players to entice them to stay if they like the gameplay and global chat typically has about 10-20 people talking in it during peak hours.

    Combat is still the placeholder basicly, swing to hit, charge it to get more damage, gotta connect to do any damage.

    Armor has plenty of use now, and does help in combat alot, aswell as giving stats the damage reduction it gives can be heavy if your wearing Bone Armor for example. Weapons also make a difference, Picks have longer range but are slower, daggers are faster with shorter range, Axes and Clubs are somewhere in between the two. Unarmed punching is basicly useless now.

    They have added PvE mobs, animals are very populated now, mainly in the north, but they are very populated, they are still working on the system but theres alot of animals, aswell as Revenants who will kill you and take your gear aswell as grow larger and wear your stuff.


    The games definitly rough, but its a crafters paradise and has a huge amount of potential, the dev team consist of 3 people so its slow going on updates, though Guides are active in the game and they run in-game events regularly, aswell as help if anything is needed. The economy recently got a update and trade is starting to pop up very well, they now have trade posts for people to use to buy and sell aswell as the peer to peer trading that happens, and while PvP is open world its not a very common thing because the population is not full of tards and everyone understands the importance of cooperation, but if you invade someones territory or take peoples resources it will have consequences.


    Anyways we have a decent group who play regularly and a few different good sized Tribes recruiting new, old, free, or paid players and its worth checking it out and joining someone to see if you like the game.

    Mess with the best, Die like the rest

  • BrownAleBrownAle Member Posts: 399

    hmm the website for xsyon stopped working...

  • MrDDTMrDDT Member UncommonPosts: 276
    Its been working fine for me everyday. Maybe you got it at a time when they were running an update on the webpage which was down for like 2 hours.


  • AlthewiseguyAlthewiseguy Member Posts: 108
    Real shame to hear. For a game that had so much promise to see it go this way. I had to leave after the bugginess and post-launch woes myself. 
  • RudderRudder Member UncommonPosts: 80

    I was in the game for beta and a few months after launch. I left over the actions OF A PLAYER.

    18 months later I'm back in the game and loving it, except for the fact that my nemisis is still in the game. Now I have other things to worry about - HUGE critters and mutant animals might get you; Revenants are departed players and they are a real menace.

    If you need an active tribe try to get into 'Death by Snoo Snoo' (That's a reference to a Futurama episode of death by being screwed to death).

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