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Guild status and ''Leadr" status

KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

I am a troll Shaman in Midguard on merlin server. I am lvl 7 and I am mastering in Augmentation and mending and not cave because that is pretty useless. I am in the newish guild "Order of Darkness". I have gotten some pretty awesome items from our best contributor, a lvl 50. I am using a 2 handed hammer with 4.3 power and 4.5 speed! That averages some 25 damage a hit! Our guild is growing pretty well but we need more members. We assume we will go till 25 or so and if you are up to joining email me at [email protected] and give your class and lvl and why you want to be in. We are taking only high level 45-50s to PL and contribute nice items and low lvls 5-14 that will show dedication. We have many lvl 40-50 items and our guild's house's chest is bursting! It will be a great guild indeed.


The classes we are currently looking for are [from 1 being the most needed]




4.Healer with Rez

5.Heavy tank such as warrior or berserker





Come one come all and contribute to the "Order of Darkness"image


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  • madnessmageemadnessmagee Member Posts: 69

    One suggestion try also posting on the vnboards most daoc players go there, heres a link try posting on the daoc guild forum, I'm sure it would be more effective.

    P.S. Its runemaster image

    Paveth 50th Armsman
    Maeotha 50th Eldritch
    Wicon 143 Terran Enforcer
    Andromeda Server

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