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PlanetSide 2 premium membership will include PS1 access

First, here is a tweet yesterday from a PS2 member directed at Smedly:  "It would be incredible if having an active Planetside 2 subscription also gave you access to Planetside 1. I could vacation there"

Smedly's response: "terrific idea. I emailed to the team. We haven't had time to do the F2P conversion for Planetside yet. but we will get to it."

second, Smedly made this thread on redditside yesterday elaborating on hacking policies:


I replied to one of his posts in that thread about one of his recent tweets.

"Smedly this is unrelated but I want to hug you for sending that email to the team about Ps2 sub including PS1 access. That would really be ideal, allowing players to freely migrate between both games with full benefits for each. It would also show new guys how the old game operated, and what to expect from Ps2 down the line." -me

His response: "actually the universal response so far internally has been /facepalm.. as in why the hell didn't we think of that.
we'll do it." -smedly

So TLDR: we can take away from this that  PS1 membership access will be included in PS2 premium membership in the near future baring any unforeseen problems or any coding work that might need to be done. 


Also, additional information on Smedly's insight of PS1(he posted this yesterday on Planetside Universe forums: 

I asked him this: "When PS1 goes free to play do you guys plan to have a couple GMs monitoring the game for hackers? Because even now, when the game is completely dead there are still a few hackers that sub regularly."

Smedly's response: Here's the truth - when PS1 is F2P maybe 100 people will play it. That's about 10x what we have right now. No I'm not kidding. PS1 is a ghost town and it's going to likely stay that way. hard truth but there it is."

So TLDR again: When PS1 goes free to play before June we can expect absolutely no support from SOE in the way of GMs, reports being taken care of, or even any support whatsoever. This begs the question: why go through all the trouble of implelementing PS1 access in PS2 subs and transitioning PS1 payment model over free to play if you are not going to support the game?


  • spizzspizz Member UncommonPosts: 1,971

    "when PS1 is F2P maybe 100 people will play it"


    I would not bet on this....

  • TeknoBugTeknoBug Member UncommonPosts: 2,156

    Um no, I'm one of those eagerly waiting to go back to PS1, I'm not paying $20/mo station access just to play it atm and that's why no one is playing it- No other SOE game besides PS1 is worth paying $20 to play (except Everquest 2 I guess).


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