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traveling by train in a game ?

slygamer1979slygamer1979 Member UncommonPosts: 101

when was the last time you played a game that you travel by train to get around ?.

it just crossed my mind and thought that would be interesting in maybe an RPG game to travel around some of a game by train instead of on foot or fast traveling since that's kind of overdone. 

i think the last time i played any game that used a train to travel around is maybe a final fantasy game but not sure which one maybe FF7 or FF8 but not terribly sure.


  • Cochran1Cochran1 Member Posts: 456

    The Deeprun Tram in WoW comes to mind, but that's not a very long ride.

    ....and I think it was 8 that had a bit of train/tram travel, in fact you fight a boss on the train that you could kill with Pheonix Down or a res spell. Oh yeah and the ghost train in 7, so yeah both.

  • dreamscaperdreamscaper Member UncommonPosts: 1,592
    WoW, as already mentioned, City of Heroes also used trams to get around the city.


  • Dexter2010Dexter2010 Member UncommonPosts: 244
  • DIR3W0LFDIR3W0LF Member UncommonPosts: 64
    indeed, it was FF8 which had the train mission from Timber

  • DzoneDzone Member UncommonPosts: 371
    Um, i remember seeing a train simulator game that was showed at some expo. It was a eurapion train simulator. Forget what it was called.... think they still working on it. Anyone remember seeing that one?
  • expressoexpresso Member UncommonPosts: 2,218
    Zelda Spirt tracks 
  • SlamDuncanSlamDuncan Member Posts: 12
    I think FF7 and FF8 was the last time. I'm not sure.

    Good better best, never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best. -Tim Duncan

  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,403

    Huxley, Ragnarok Online, FF13.

    However, I don't think these are to the affect they were done in FF7 and FF8.  I think it has alot more to do with setting.  Alot of RPGs now are set in a tolkien-like universe.  There are not alot of Steam Punk based RPGs.  Outside of RPGs I don't think the application for riding trains is what you are looking for.  There is Sid Meiers Trains, then there are the action games where you run ontop or below a train.

    I think there are a few difficult design elements with actively riding trains.  First is the speed.  If you are traveling on an open terrain, this means you will be changing the cells you are in quickly.  A cell is an rendering section in a game.  Most open terrain games have 16 to 25 cells visible at a time, then have the rest viewed on the LOD layer.  Changing cells at a rapid pace means unloading 4-5 cells at a time than loading in 4-5 cells at a rate that could be seconds apart.  It would also require unloading character information of characters out of range and loading in character information of those in range for mmorpgs.  Ofcourse there are work arounds around this.  Second is the scale of the train.  Trains are not a big environment, and given the dimensions of a train the area might seem claustrophobic without making the train excessively large.

  • KarahandrasKarahandras Member UncommonPosts: 1,703
    Neocron 2(mmorpg) has an underground train u can actually board and travel on.  Have played a few games that use them for instant travel.
  • cowheadcowhead Member UncommonPosts: 94
  • JenuvielJenuviel Member Posts: 960
    The now defunct "Glitch" browser MMO had a subway system in which you actually stayed in the subway car as stops came up. There were routes to get you from station to station, and some destinations required you to change trains. That little game had a lot going for it. Unfortunately, a sustainable population and a flourishing software platform weren't among them.
  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,424
    Pokemon Black and White has the Battle Subway, you battle your pets against other players or npcs on a subway :D
  • birdycephonbirdycephon Member UncommonPosts: 1,314
    I heard FFXIV will have a train.
  • NyrrhoNyrrho Member Posts: 53
    WoW is the last game that comes to mind. Although I did have fun traveling by ship in FFXI, way back when.
  • MawneeMawnee Member UncommonPosts: 244
    Red dead redemption :)
  • StonesDKStonesDK Member UncommonPosts: 1,805

    Saints Row 1+2

  • Originally posted by Mawnee
    Red dead redemption :)

    Yup, me too.

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