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Melee DPS 2-handed vs dual wielding?

fivetigersfivetigers Member UncommonPosts: 208
Anyone know which is better?






  • paladin016paladin016 Member Posts: 27

    it is all class specific. For example, if you have a rogue, would you like your stealthy assasin weilding a GIANT 2h'er? or a dagger in each hand, designed for fast swift attacking with a lower amount of damage.

    If you have a warrior on the other hand, a 2H'er is more ideal, due to the fact that they are about power, and not speed. A 2 handed weapon deals more power, so Warrior Power + Weapon Power = MOAR POWER!

    Rogues have speed + weapon speed = MOAR SPEED resulting in more dps.


    It's all preferences. Neither is better than the other.

  • MykellMykell Member UncommonPosts: 746

    It all comes down to abilities and what support gems you attach.

    I love my 2 hander marauder with Sweep + Life on Hit + Added Cold Damage. I also love my shadow with a 1 hand claw using Whirling Blades.

    My advice for melee is build more health and survivability rather than damage. At higher levels you will need it.

  • MuppetierMuppetier Member UncommonPosts: 279
    it might be that neither is "better" but dual wielding claws for twice the life leech and one-shotting all the trash is the most enjoyable.
  • CaldrinCaldrin Member UncommonPosts: 4,505

    all depends on how you build your character :)



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