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Tutorial Mission - How do you warp to Active Probes?

XepherdXepherd Member UncommonPosts: 105


Hi all,

I'm stuck in the game, just started STO  and I'm at the point of the tutorial where you have to "warp to active probes", just after defeating the damaged probes. I'm asking in the zone, but other players won't reply to me and just warp; I see them warp away without helping me- 

PLEASE how do you "Warp to Active Probes" in this game? I have no clue, opened the zone map but there's not option for warping or I didn't notice it, saw no "active probe" around, or maybe the tutorial told me how to do so, but I didn't see it?

Thanks for your help, I'm starting to get crazy in this area...


  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749
    I didn't do tutorial for a long time, but if you need to warp out / warp to a zone, usually there's a button for it in the lower right corner. Maybe inventory is open and covers it?
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