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A review after 6+months

MightyChasmMightyChasm Member Posts: 298

I'll keep it brief because who wants to read huge blocks of text? This is my experience of the game, you are welcome to disagree.  I have two level 50's and a 30 so I am somewhat of a fan, but have also experienced it all.  

Aesthetics 6.5/10

Nothing ground breaking here, but they are pretty and do their job admirally.  The cartoon style hides some of the lacklustre textures.  But it looks good enough to play.  

Gameplay 9/10

This is the area where P101 (like its predecessor W101) excels.  It is like simple chess, you enter a turn-based battle with your companions and choose your moves.  It is fantastic in its addictive simplicity, like tetris.  Yes there are flaws, such as tedious ship battles, and the inability to permanently discard bad moves/ companions, but they pale in comparison to its overall fun.  

Innovation 8/10 

Please feel free to shout me down, but we have a game here that is vastly more innovative than the likes of GW2 yet receives no plaudits, largely due to the 'family friendly' label.  It brings something different to the MMO table, and I for one am thankful for that.    

Polish 7/10

It has its bugs.  The main storyline quest ends at 60% while the dev's work on the remainder.  What there is works well, and you can enjoy the ride to cap without any major issues.

Social 8/10 

It is 'family friendly' which limits chat options (for the better imo).  Anyone can enter any battle and the housing etc provides talking points.  The Skull Island area creates a great hub for meeting and greeting.  You can also instantly port to freinds to help in times of need.  It feels far more social than many recent mmo's.  PVP is a mess but 'in the works'.  

Value 6/10 

I am biased.  It is a relatively casual game but easy to play and hard to learn.  I can easily spend hours on it.  And, importantly, it does not cater to the quick win crowds, it is hard in areas.  Unfortunately the F2P label is incorrect, you have to buy all the content above the first area or subscribe.  

Conclusion 8/10

I am putting huge weight on the gameplay element here, and that wins it for me.  It is simply immense fun despite its flaws.        





  • RoxtarrRoxtarr Member CommonPosts: 1,122
    Even as a gamer just shy of 40, I thought the first gameplay experience was fun.  Sadly, there are too many other games I'm playing but I do plan on giving this a go when I need a break from what I'm playing now.

    If in 1982 we played with the current mentality, we would have burned down all the pac man games since the red ghost was clearly OP. Instead we just got better at the game.

  • bodestauffabodestauffa Member Posts: 2
    I have four toons  2 at level 50 muskateer at 40 and starting swashbuckler, so I am fan of the game!
  • MightyChasmMightyChasm Member Posts: 298
    Does anyone here play this? 
  • bodestauffabodestauffa Member Posts: 2
    I play it daily!
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