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Looking for the Right mmorpg :D

squallypewsquallypew Member Posts: 50

hi there guys im somewhat new in this forum :D i usually just check the frontpage anyways c: i would like some help with games i really wanna play something fun, with action, not boring combat/gameplay and that it keeps you interested and graphically speaking doesnt has to be high end stuff i just want something fun, i hope some of you can help me out with suggestions also it has to be with good Community thats very important to be able to make friends and enjoy the game with new people that you dont know yet im tired of jerks.

ive played : maplestory(worst community EVER), aion (got sorta boring and tedious for me ) lineage 2 (overplayed it but it was good while it dured) cant think of anything else.
my laptop is : intel core 2 duo 2.27 ghz, RAM 4gb, ati HD 3470.


thanks for the suggestions :D if any lul.


  • treyu86treyu86 Member UncommonPosts: 257
    TERA online might be what you are looking for. Free to play from 5th February btw. You can check it now for free two with the trial.
  • squallypewsquallypew Member Posts: 50
    already tried TERA its a bit laggy for me :c but idk if i actually lowered the graphics much so i guess ima has to try it again, any other suggestions :D?
  • panchanpanchan Member Posts: 18

    system requirements is one of your issue so I guess I can recommend these games to you.

    Cabal online 



    CPU Pentium 4 1.4GHz+

    RAM 1GB +

    Graphic Card ATI Radeon 9800PRO

    Geforce 7 Series


    Sound Card Any DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

    Hard Disk Space 3.5GB +


    On the other Hand, Knight Online is there too,


    Cpu: pentium 3 600Mh

    RAM: 512MB

    VGA: 3D Accelaration

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