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best solo friendly class

AbimorAbimor Member UncommonPosts: 491

Hi guys,

What class is the easiest to solo with? I play at weird times when not a lot of people are around. I have a monk as my main and he is fun in groups but in thw wei hours he is not so fun to solo with. Any info wou;d be grat thanks in advance.


  • Karnage69Karnage69 Member UncommonPosts: 319

    Disciple is by far the most solo friendly class, basically a Monk who heals forever and rarely ever uses mana to heal, just combo attacks.

  • AbimorAbimor Member UncommonPosts: 491
    ok i will check one out then
  • Punk999Punk999 Member UncommonPosts: 882
    Necro is pretty awesome too and druid

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  • Sp00shSp00sh Member Posts: 48
    I love the shit outta my Druid.
  • evilastroevilastro Member Posts: 4,270

    Disciple by a very long margin.

    Then probably Wizard / Psionicist (great kiters, Wizard kills faster, Psionicist has better control over the encounters).



  • AdamantineAdamantine Member RarePosts: 4,276

    The exact same thread is still on the front page...


    My posting from it:


    There are basically 3 types of solists:

    Tank solist - These are the best. They can stand next to a mob thanks to healing or lifetap abilities, and take the damage they get from that mob. The necromancer is a tank solist because their pet can tank.

    Kiter solist - These classes need room for kiting their opponents. As long as this room is available, no problem.

    Nonsolist - Warrior and Monk. These classes have no strategy for soloing except honest fighting to the death and cant solo well at all.


    Paladin - Tank solist. With good gear this is a great solist, but low dps output during levelup. Better dps vs undead.

    Dread Knight - Tank solist. With good gear this is one of the best soloing classes, because of their area lifetap ability, thus awesome against groups lower level critters. Definitely the most interesting to play tank.

    Warrior - Worst Solist in the game. Can only do a dps run against the opponent, and use the standard running away ability if the opponent is too tough.

    Rogue - Kiter solist. Pretty awful solist, but has stealth to bypass opponents and has a weak ability for kiting with mediocre ranged damage

    Ranger - Kiter solist. Solist king of the physical dps classes - runspeed buff, ranged snare attack, massive ranged damage, really only levitation is missing

    Bard - Kiter solist. Extreme runspeed, but only mediocre ranged damage. Second king of crowd control after Psionicist. Invisibility OR invisibility vs Undead (never both at the same time).

    Monk - Second worst solist after Warrior. Can evade and bypass tough opponents with Fake Death ability.

    Cleric - Tank solist. Almost unkillable thanks to good defenses and massive heal over time spells, but lowest dps of any class in the game. Invis vs Undead selfbuff. Death and War specs are better in respect to dps. Death can also fearkite. Preservation is even more unkillable. Peace is a CC god with instant root ability and a kind of invisibility on self ability.

    Shaman - Kiter, in case of Bear Totem also tank solist. Massive healing. Massive buffs (including levitation and waterbreathing) and debuffs. Extremely different in respect to soloing. The Bear Shaman with massive defenses is definitely one of the best, maybe even better than Disciple. Phoenix Shaman though is an pretty awful kiter, probably the worst solist of all Healers: Levitation, runspeed, but spells are not instant and slow down massively, and snare abilities cant be kept up. All shamans get an impressive array of debuffs.

    Disciple - Tank solist. The king of soloing - practically the godmode in Vanguard. Fake Death allows to avoid tough opponents. Massive damage output, great defenses, extreme single target healing output, not much in respect to buffs and zip in respect to debuffs, though.

    Blood Mage - Tank solist. No defenses to speak of, but massive hitpoint selfbuffs and very powerful lifetap abilities. Cant handle multiple opponents too well - a charm ability that only works once and a slow cast root. Invisibility on self to bypass opponents. Best dps from any healer class as long as they can focus on dps - otherwise Disciple is probably better.

    Sorcerer - Kiter solist. King of damage; glass cannon. Permanent levitation OR runspeed OR immunity to slow effects on self. Invisibility spell and evacuate group spell. Extreme ranged damage. Ability to slow opponents with ice spells, even an icebased unbreakable temporary root (cant be kept up all the time).

    Druid - Kiter solist. King of Peak Damage. Levitation buff, runspeed buff, snare, root, heal, evacuate, drop all aggro ability.

    Psionicist - Kiter solist. King of Crowd Control. Can charm, mezz, fear, whatever, you name it. Also evacuate and invisibility. Lowest dps of all mages, but not bad.

    Necromancer - Tank and fear kiter solist. The prince of soloing, maybe even the king if you prefer more damage. Pet class; the pet tanks for the necro. Fake Death, ranged snare, massive damage over time, evacuate, invis vs undead, waterbreathing, levitation.



    P.s.: Ranked from 10 (awesome, god mode) to 1 (awful):

    Paladin - 6-7 (tough, but low dps; less gear dependent than DK in their healing, though)

    Dread Knight - 5 to 9 (9 only with good gear; excellent against groups of lower critters, 1vs1 solo better than Pal, some small CC abilities)

    Warrior - 1 (worst solist; still has good defenses and high hitpoints, though)

    Bard - 5 (low dps, needs a lot room for kiting, graphics/network lag because of extreme runspeed; invis OR invis vs undeath)

    Rogue - 3 (low dps, not that good at kiting; stealth)

    Ranger - 7 (needs room for kitnig, but massive ranged damage; stealth)

    Monk - 2 (as awful as Warrior but a little self healing and great fake death)

    Cleric - 5 to 7 (unkillable but low dps even as Death/War)

    Shaman - 3 to 9 (depending upon Totem choice: Bear is awesome, Phoenix awful, Wolf in between)

    Disciple - 10 (massive single target healing, great defenses, excellent dps)

    Blood Mage - 5 (great at damage output, but has to tank mobs and cant handle multiple mobs well)

    Sorcerer - 7 (needs room for kiting, but massive ranged damage; evacuate + invis; can level really fast because of high killing speed)

    Druid - 8 (needs room for kiting, but great cc, damage, aggro drop, evacuate)

    Psionicist - 6 (king of cc but not as great damage as Sorcerer and Druid; evacuate + invis)

    Necromancer - 9-10 (fake death, tank pet, fear kiting, evacuate, massive damage output against tougher opponents)


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