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Eden Eternal-f2p- for those waiting on good mmos to come.

sneakyvickysneakyvicky Member Posts: 48

I'm a very picky gamer, been playing for years and years from Daoc to FF to Wow to Rift  to feps Tera etc; and many other mmos and f2ps in between. Let me suggest Eden eternal  (Aeria) is an awesome f2p until something better comes out.  You will NOT get bored fast, a lot to do, a lot to discover - nice dgns, crafting,  not really a pay-to-win...you can get everything with in-game gold.  Not only suggesting it for people who are looking for a good mmo or good f2p presently but also to advertize Eden Eternal- it deserves recognition. I was desparately looking for an mmo to pass the time..and found it by chance. A shame that it's not really suggested here on forums. Also saw some comments from people who said they don't like it and the highest lvl they played is 30+..at this lvl you didn't nearly experience the complexity of the game!


anyway, for you guys who are loooking for a good f2p that doesn't require you to spend real money all the time- Eden Eternal!


  • tom_goretom_gore Member UncommonPosts: 2,001

    cute big headed anime characters?

    yeeaah no thanks.

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