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Smedley: 70% of DCUO on PS3

XiaokiXiaoki Member RarePosts: 3,412


  • odinsrathodinsrath Member UncommonPosts: 814

    yah i have it on ps3 as well..but id have to be rly BORED outta my mind to play gets rly rly bland quick


  • AC1074AC1074 Member Posts: 274
    I find it hard to believe 30% is only on PC. Population is good on the PC.
  • AmarsirAmarsir Member UncommonPosts: 703

    But there's more MMO competition on the PC. WoW vets see DCUO as shallow. (Which IMHO isn't a bad thing.) Console players find it deeper than any RPGs they're used to.

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  • erikk3189erikk3189 Member Posts: 306

    You can not believe anything that comes out that sleaze, trash, Smedley.  This pig knows nothing about gaming and even less about being a human being.

    Fade away, Smelly!

  • Scott_JeslisScott_Jeslis Member RarePosts: 576
    Well they must be big numbers then because I play on PC PVE server and it's pretty crowded even at 12 am CST on a weekday like the last two nights. I'm actually impressed how many heroes are running around... of course that's why a lot of the hero names "suck" IMHO with numbers etc. in them.
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