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Screenshots of Vanguard (EDIT:+ vids aswell please ;)



  • UrdigUrdig Member Posts: 1,260

    Wish Darkfall would release.

  • takaris7takaris7 Member Posts: 145
    Originally posted by Deathstiny

    Originally posted by swiftflow

    Why are you people all alone in these pics? Where are the thousands of other players?
    most of them are in middle earth LOTRO is like EQ2 with funny names.

    What is the difference? What makes it different then WOW? What makes it different the V? The lore?

    That is the only thing.
  • UrdigUrdig Member Posts: 1,260

    This one was taken while I still had the ATI x1300 card.  Yeah, I had to kill one of those guys to.   My jaw dropped the first time I ran into one of these guys.  

    Another one taken using the x1300.

    First time I saw the griphons.  I had to take pictures. Nvidia 7950oc now.  This area was tough on the card.  Lot of griphons around.

    Wish Darkfall would release.

  • naharinahari Member Posts: 19

    rightclick+view graphic=fullscreen
  • naharinahari Member Posts: 19
    Originally posted by sololoco

    You have to admit, the screenshots do look good.
    Unfortunately, it's the only thing good about this game.
    if so, why dont you just piss off?
  • FischerBlackFischerBlack Member Posts: 573
    Crafting in Khal with 5
  • ReklawReklaw Member UncommonPosts: 6,495

    Fisherback: use F10 bro, saves you that etching names/chat

    Here some screenshots of Hathor Zhi and my DarkElf/Bardlvl5/blacksmith.lvl9, Sure isn't the most populated area at this moment unfortunaly. But my Bardy hasn't gone out much yet, kinda crafting mostly with this one.







  • UrdigUrdig Member Posts: 1,260

    Took a trip out to Hathor Zhi to drop a map off to a Dark Elf guard, and went for a little sight seeing. 

    Trip went a little something like this.

    Then I got lost trying to find my way out of the area.  You Dark Elves need to work on your civil engineering or something.  Maybe put a few signs up that say, "exit this way."  Go, go puppy power ftw.

    Wish Darkfall would release.

  • AdewulfAdewulf Member UncommonPosts: 27
    Necro this or perhaps start a new caise of broken links?
  • ZorgoZorgo Member UncommonPosts: 2,254
    Originally posted by Jackdog
    I see they still do not have anti aliasing. It's a shame too, those are rather nice but the jaggies just ruin it.

    If you don't have a video card which cannot impose antialiasing outside of the application, then I believe the the jagged edges are going to be the least of your worries with this game.

  • boojiboyboojiboy Member UncommonPosts: 1,549

    This game, despite it's age, is still gorgeous.  The graphics still have a realistic look to them that I prefer over the stylized games like GW2, etc.


    image    Gathering to kill the FA for APW access... years ago.


    image    My galleon far, far away from any land.  Some solitary fishing.



    image    Landed my Griffon on the roof of our new guild hall.


    image    Raid crew proceeding up the steps on the Bridge of Destiny.


    image   My first mount, circa 2007.


    image    Harvesting team... probably gathering lumber for the guild hall.


    image    The look opposite one of my favorite places to craft. 


    image   Guildies celebrating our  new guild hall with sea vessels parked in the distance.


    image   Shortly after our first kill of Kotasoth.  Mounted her head in the GH.


    image   Pondering whether we should go in or not.....

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