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Funcom Restructuring



  • kosackosac Member UncommonPosts: 204

    i played every AAA mmo.. and for me is TSW nr 1 at this time (i do end game now)

    but its true there are some problems.. maybe with programers.. it looks like they shifted to Lego.. designers for new issues are ok.. but game have some problems and fixing is not so fast as can be in bigger teams.. but still everything is not realy gamebreaking (except pvp joining) this is major issue of TSW...  game needs huge recreation of pvp.. maybe one or two issues pvp oriented only can help...  but funcom dosnt anonced something like this :(

  • AkulasAkulas Member RarePosts: 2,705
    I will give $500mil to FC (through sponsors since I physically don't own that much money)

    This isn't a signature, you just think it is.

  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,376
    Originally posted by platonicx

    And if i were to make a top 10... AoC would be somewhere between 5-10, Ao in the top 5 and TSW would probbably be  #1 .

    I might have different taste then the avarage gamer (read go kill 10 rats wow clones) But this is the way it is.




    For me Games like tera are the justin bieber of MMOs. I think there is something terribly wrong with people in the world we live in and what they like. But then again i might just be a wirdo.

    I'd like to join to the "different taste" group :) although for me Anarchy would be in the ""somewhere between 5-10" place, and I can't set a specific order on the top. I used to say "my top 3" but TSW messed it up and top 4 sounds strange. Not to mention the places are constantly switched during the years...

    So, my  #1 - #4 are TSW, LotRO, AoC, STO.


    The Tera comment is hilarious :)


  • JudgeUKJudgeUK Member RarePosts: 1,523
    Originally posted by Rthuth434

    yea, they will eventually make cuts till there's about 30 people working on all 3 MMO's combined. they may throw a hail marry and drop TSW's box price as well. their cash shop is just not appealing though.


    lame outfits, character bounbnd, high prices.

    I think it's more fundamental than outfits etc. The game is simply not that appealing.

    Ok, there's a minority out there who will play it, there's never a zero usage for most things. But despite all the initial comments about it being something different, the fact is that sometimes different doesn't equate to good.

    The quest pick ups are fragmented and confusing

    The item/gear player manufacturing system is painfully unatttractive.

    The combat is still unattached from any kind of tactile feedback

    As for the search google for anwers - it just takes you away from what should be an immersive experience.


    So, not surprised that the player numbers have grown with ftp - how long it will retain these numbers? My guess, around another 6 months at the absolute max, probably nearer half that.

  • fallenlordsfallenlords Member UncommonPosts: 683

    According to latest reports the Montreal office is almost 'near-closure'.   True to form Funcom are not saying anything too much about the restructuring... until it is complete.   But by the sounds of it the restructuring is primarily to see the Lego MMO launched in another vain hope it will reverse their fortunes. I don't hold out much hope for them, I think the economic climate is just too harsh for them to recover. 

  • FromHellFromHell Member Posts: 1,311
    Originally posted by JudgeUK

    I think it's more fundamental than outfits etc. The game is simply not that appealing.


    I like to respond with this video on such claims:


    TSW has a community which goes far beyond "gameplay". To me the events are the icing on the cake. They are just not promoted very well.

    The noobies don´t even know how to change dimension when some event going on is advertised in chat.

    TSW has the best community events since I played SWG.

    In fact every one who ever liked SWG should try TSW. It´s social, it´s a real RPG and it´s a real MMO.

    Also - not appealing? I think this is eerily beautiful,




    and that´s just Kingsmouth town. Egypt is even more stunning.


    Secrets of Dragon?s Spine Trailer.. ! :D

    Best MMOs ever played: Ultima, EvE, SW Galaxies, Age of Conan, The Secret World

    The Return of ELITE !

  • ashleymorrowashleymorrow Member Posts: 176
    Sad to say but it is taking longer and longer to get help in-game and for existing bugs to get fixed. It seems for every one that is fixed two more pop up. I am really hoping that they pull it through, but at least a restructering makes sense in regards to what I've been experienceing. 
  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Member UncommonPosts: 3,713

    OP just got lvl 20 in Development Company Financial Status! Grats!

    Stock Market the MMO

  • TheSedatedTheSedated Member Posts: 82
    Originally posted by Fendel84M

    OP just got lvl 20 in Development Company Financial Status! Grats!

    Stock Market the MMO

    You know what's a bit sad? The skill "Development Company Financial Status" could totally be a skill in EVE, but you'd only be able to train it to 5 there...

  • fallenlordsfallenlords Member UncommonPosts: 683
    Beijing office shutting down, it did the art and animation for TSW so that sounds very promising for the long term future of the game.  


    Apparently Funcom are focusing on a centralized base in North Carolina an office that previously held no development staff, how very odd.   Conflicting reports about the Montreal office, according to some developers there have just been binned.  According to Funcom they are developing tablet and mobile games there and have some unannounced titles.  Plus it remains the hub of development for the Dreamworld game engine.   At the same time reports of staff going at North Carolina as well. I suppose getting rid of customer service and quality assurance people to free up desks for the developers.


    So far what I can piece together about this restructuring is lots of conflicting reports, as usual we have a engineered Funcom smokescreen.  So you never know what is actually going on, until it's all over.  


    Joel (TSW Director) has said there will be some 'development turbulence' so be careful.  Whereas Craig Morrison (AOC) is looking forward to having everybody under the same roof (what apart from the Montreal staff who are doing the tablets games and developing the game engine). See Craig can spin a positive about anything.  Dave Williams states the updates are still on the table for Anarchy Online, well that's good to know for any AO fans.


    In essence due to the all of the self made turmoil. Funcom now has all the excuses they need to delay content updates, fix bugs and generally doing anything on their games for the foreseeable future.   Until the restructuring is hammered out what can you do ... Oh poor Funcom.
  • ereyethirnereyethirn Member Posts: 79
    Originally posted by Azrile
    Originally posted by Slappy1
    Originally posted by Celcius
    Originally posted by Slappy1
    My simple question is,why are so many people hellbent on TSW/Funcom doing bad??I'm not talking op but other post's,Doooommm.doommm,dooommm,gtfo with this crap.Funcom and Tsw will be around for years!

    Because Funcom is a terrible company that consistantly produces poor products that are not ready for launch, buggy as hell,imbalanced as hell and have very little content so alot of people just want them to be put down already.

    Yet many people play and enjoy Funcom's product's.

    Sorry,but to me it's just trashing a company just beacause.Pretty lame if you ask me.


    Oh and to add,if you actually played TSW and gave it a chance it's hardly a poor product,get real.

    That really is the irony in all this.  TSW actually was the most playable and fun game of the three at launch, and it seems to be the one getting blamed for killing funcom.  Also, the devs were very deliberate and honest about TSW...  stark contrast to AOC.

    AOC is the game that killed Funcom.... it just left it with enough breath to pop out another game before dying.  If TSW had been launched 5 years ago instead of AOC, things might be different for  Funcom.  Funcom´s reputation because of AOC is what killed box sales for TSW.... NOBODY, myself included, would never touch a funcom game at launch after being through AOC´s launch.

    I don't really think it's that AoC's failure killed funcom after tws came out, I think it's more AoC got people scared of buying funcom products and so no one bought tsw as a result. Tsw is a brilliant game and I do not regret buying a life subscription.

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