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Scholar or Beggar?

schertztschertzt Member Posts: 110

I am just starting to break the ice in this game, as my first character was a WV.  

I am really torn between the Beggar and Scholar.  Scholar seems like it's going to be more 'beginner' friendly, but I am unsure of how much team-play I will be doing.  Solo Scholar might not be the best choice for me?

Then there is Beggar which seems like it's played a bit different.  Beggar seems more like WV, in that case, combos are needed and probably not intended for the beginner.  


I plan on briefly playing 2 characters, one which will be my WV when I further understand my classes combos.  Second, I really can't choose :(


I have been googling this for a while, and really need that last push to go for one or the other.  


Any help please?!

Playing: GW2, Planetside 2.
Trying out: Age of Wushu
Looking forward to: AA, Wildstar


  • GrayKodiakGrayKodiak Member CommonPosts: 576

    Scholar is a solid choice,

    The whirling blades move is very good in groups or as a lock down breaker in fights. The kicking skills are bar none some of the most damaging skills in the game, with the rage skill possibly being the single biggest damage dealer period.

    The twin blade skill set is more of a buff skill set but the othert two are versatile enough you probably will not care if you do not use it, but if you do get into groups it is an amazing skill set as well.

    Solo scholar is good because you do have your limited heals and you never run out of ever. In fact if you start with a Scholar you don't even realize what other people are talking about when they say they ran out of MP in a fight because it will never occur in a 1vs1 and even in dungeons you have so many recovery options its crazy. You can farm monkeys for skins all day with a scholar and never need a break.....get the monkeys!


  • GrayKodiakGrayKodiak Member CommonPosts: 576

    I think from a lore perspective beggar's are cool, the drunken fighting style the poor guy kicking butt. Definately has appeal.

  • django-djangodjango-django Member Posts: 115

    Scholar's are quite good at open-pvp with their AOE single blade skill. Very useful in events such as script protection and overall AOE rofl-stomping. They have a very strong rage-consuming kick too.

    Beggar's can do some pretty wicked combos, as a Tang I have a much harder time beating them then against a Scholar. The whole drunken kung fu is very cool.

    I'd probably roll a Beggar, they'd be my second choice after Tangmen.

    Have fun!

  • GrableGrable Member UncommonPosts: 66

    Haha, I've been thinking wether to chose Beggar or Scholar as well for the past few days. Still have time to decide since EU version is not open yet.

    Would like to hear more input on Beggar vs Scholar. Mostly looking at PvP.

  • schertztschertzt Member Posts: 110

    I went with begger and just not sure about it so far...However, I just selected my class and learned my skills so i cannot talk at all.  I think I just dont like the fact of Begging, and that is something I dont want to be doing everyday...


    My first character was a WV on a seperate account and thats extremely fun.  The only reason is they are very underplayed and I beleive they will be AWSOME later in the game. 


    Right now I just came across someone in my school that offered me to 'exchange 2nd internal skill book'  Is this something I want to do?



    Tonight I will prolly delete my begger and try out a schollar, just to get the feel quick.

    In the end ill have my WV on 1 acct, and another 'free' acct with a different character.


    I know nothing about this game, and LOVE it!

    Playing: GW2, Planetside 2.
    Trying out: Age of Wushu
    Looking forward to: AA, Wildstar

  • DashiDMVDashiDMV Member Posts: 362

    If you want to try out another character, you should make an alt account and test it out there. Once you delete a character, there is a 48 hour cooldown before you can make another one. Also if you bought a Deluxe package, you lose everything and have to jump through hoops to get it back .


    Just a heads up.

  • dreamscaperdreamscaper Member UncommonPosts: 1,592
    Uhh...what? I remade my character twice in the beginning and there was no lockout whatsoever.


  • GrayKodiakGrayKodiak Member CommonPosts: 576
    after a certain level there is a lockout and recovery period.
  • schertztschertzt Member Posts: 110

    yeah, once you hit a certain rank theres a 2 day delay limit..


    I just select the school and learn skills, then judge it and delete if i wish....


    Does anyone have an answer for, 'exchanging level 2 internal skill book' as I stated above?

    Playing: GW2, Planetside 2.
    Trying out: Age of Wushu
    Looking forward to: AA, Wildstar

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