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POLL: What of these should I get at the cash shop?

I got a free station cash card for Christmas, that I got yesterday. Just 1500 on it, but decided to use it. Probably more useful for double or triple, but its fine.


So now onto the thread...what of these three should I get? This is all on my Necromancer (Thestran human)


1. Galleon (I love the Thestran look. However, I'm thinking I can probably just get it when I get another station card. I think an actual mount would be more useful. Having said that...ever since VG first started, I've wanted an actual ship. Never been able to get one)


2.  Wolf Spider (love spiders, and seems fitting for a Necromancer)


3. Scorpion (my #1 favorite pet. The only downside is its blue, and not entirely really fitting for a Necromancer (I guess it could have raised one from the dead :P). But it looks really awesome)

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  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Member RarePosts: 14,247
    The Wolf Spider will probably be a lot more useful until you have actual plans for the boat.

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  • DirkinDirkin Member Posts: 78
    Plus you can always craft a galleon, or get one crafted for you if you want, without spending SC.
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