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schertztschertzt Member Posts: 110

This game intrigues me, as it's something new when it comes to mmo's. 

I went through the basic tutorial, and got my basic skills.  From there I selected my school, Wanderers Valley.  What i'm really unsure about is if im still in the actual tutorial or out to do whatever I may please.  

When I was following the tutorial after selecting my school, I got the Guide: Wanted Notice Guide, "Go to the official stagecoach  in WV, and ride the carriage to Suzhou"  Looks like im doing some spying....  IS this what I should be doing, or branching off? I'm not sure if I'm still doing the tutorial... 

I know I can go out and do just about anything, but I'm really looking for HOW to get out there and do it.



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  • Sicc1Sicc1 Member UncommonPosts: 243
    Go into the task tracker and if you still have guide missions do them. Those are the tutorial missions. Ounce you run out if those your of to so whatever you please.


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  • schertztschertzt Member Posts: 110

    The one I am doing now is a 'Guide' so I'll continue to follow that.  

    As for cultivating, Right now im working on Internal Cultivation - Secrets of Dual Training (lvl2)

    Would you continue with that for basics, or start with actual skill cultivating?

    Playing: GW2, Planetside 2.
    Trying out: Age of Wushu
    Looking forward to: AA, Wildstar

  • koboldfodderkoboldfodder Member UncommonPosts: 447

    Here is basically how it starts off.  You make your toon, you get to pick one of four stories.  As far as I can tell, they are just there for  the tutorial.  I think once you get past the beginning it basically ends....just do whatever it says to do.  Keep the tutorial help on.  At some point you will find yourself in a well with no way out.  That is where you learn your first flying script, double jump.  I think you click a skeleton or something.  Supposedly there is also a key you can get in there as well to unlock a treasure box later....I never did that part, and there is really nothing you need as everything can be bought from other players.


    You will get basic attacks plus a basic inner skill.  Dont bother leveling these.  Just go on to the part where you meet the old man who tells you about the schools.


    Now you will get to pick a school.  The guy will tell you about each one.  Emei, Shaolin and Scholars are good.  Wudan and Beggars Sect are neutral.  Tangmen, Royal Guards and Wanderer's Valley are evil.  You do NOT get a confirm box, so once you pick it you are that.  Evil means can do bad things.  If you pick Emie and want to be evil you will be repenting a lot in your school.....a lot.


    You will get your schools first inner skill and first sets of skills.  The Inner Skill is your character level.  That is the most important skill you have, everything is based off of that.  Level that to 10 (I think) to get the next set of skills and then to 15 to get the final set of skills.  Each school also has another inner to get as well as a fourth set of skills but those come much, much later and requite lots of faction.


    So level your inner skill to about 25 or so.  Then pick one of the three skill sets and level those.  You can get every skill in the game, even other school's skills and inner skills and you can level those.  It takes a while to get them.


    The best way to get EXP points, which fuel your cultivation, is by spying.  The tutorial ends quickly, and you are left to do what you want.  There is no main quest, there is no main story, you are left on your own.  Pick a tradeskill if you want, take a gather skill (or all of them) and you can pick one of the art skills.


    You have to just do things.  It doesn't tell you what or how to do it, you have to ask around.  At some point you will figure things out.  It takes a while.  It takes a long while.  You will be ganked.  It happens.





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