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Anyone with a brain will streer clear of any of this compaines games .First reason elitest running the games into the ground with the buddy dev system .They have friends that work for this company so you will not be treated fairly.Second no support or in game support or contact information only an email .Third this is the responce you will get everytime,Thank you for your message. This is an automated response confirming that your ticket has been received. You will be contacted by one of our representatives shortly. Please note that the ticket's details have been specified in the letter below. Remember to keep your ticket ID in the subject line when answering other then that no answer and you wait. Then you get pissed off send in another email and you wait .So you login into the game and get a dev to help they do nothing and you wait.

  The gamer's in the game troll like crazy and harrssment has run wild and the dev's do nothing to anyone but you. You will receive a chat ban for saying anything to these player's. Outlaw08 personaly threaten to have me killed still in the game and dev's did nothing to him .So in short stay clear of this gaming network for your own  safety!.


  • AvsRock21AvsRock21 Member UncommonPosts: 256
    I got an invite a while back for the closed beta and I think I played for like 5-10 minutes. I tried the mouse control scheme and the gamepad control scheme and wtf. It doesn't at all fly like it should. Normally the mouse or thumbstick acts as the yoke so you pull back to pull the plane up, and push forward to cause the plane to head down, with left and right being roll. In this game you instead control the crosshairs with the mouse or thumbstick, your plane just follows the crosshair. Wtf? Lol. Didn't feel like flying at all. Ya steer clear of this one. Go with War Thunder instead.
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