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  • TokkenTokken Member RarePosts: 2,191

    WOW, very nice..........


    Here are the improvements that were released with today's update:

    Free to Play

    ·We're pleased to offer substantial improvements to Vanguard for both free players and gold members! Our goal is to open up the game to free players while increasing the value of memberships.


    ·Free Players:

    oAll races and classes available at character create without needing to unlock them

    oCan create guilds as well as join them

    o2 plat coin limit has been removed

    oQuest limit has been raised to 50

    oAll bag slots are now unlocked

    oCan now join Caravans and Brotherhoods

    oBroker and mail fee penalties have been removed, reducing costs to previous subscriber levels

    oCan purchase a housing plot.

    ·Gold Members:

    o50% XP boost

    oGain faction at double the normal rate

    o20% discount on broker fees, mail fees, riftway fees, item repair, and housing upkeep

    oCan purchase 2 housing plots

    oIn progress: Improved odds at receiving rare loot drops. (Coming in next week's update)

    oYour previous member benefits remain: more character slots, more bank slots, no item restrictions, 10% Marketplace discount, and 500 Station Cash per month.


    ·For more information about the Membership benefits, view the Membership feature matrix and read the FAQ.

    Veteran Rewards

    ·Previously existing veteran rewards are once again available. If your account has rewards available, you will see a message when you log in telling you that there are items waiting to be claimed.

    ·To receive rewards, open the Marketplace and click the Claim button near the bottom of the window.

    ·Note: This update only affects previously available rewards. New veteran rewards will be implemented in a future update.


    ·Check out these new items:

    oGround mount: Malson's Turtle Dragon - Ride in style on his sturdy shell

    oVisage of the Mummy - Just the thing to startle your group mates

    oVanity Pet: Rock Troll - He may not say much, but he's ever at your side

    oPetamorph: Statue Cat - A fresh, if somewhat stony, look for your class pet

    ·Potion of Quickened Steps can now be consumed instantly

    ·Consumable items have been moved into the Services category

    ·Appearance slot armor and clothing have been combined into the Outfits category

    ·Mounts and Pets have been split into their own categories

    ·All marketplace boats are on sale. There's never been a better time to sail Telon's high seas!


    ·The Bloodmage epic should now operate according to its description. Pellets now work at 25 meters instead of 5. We advise you to use those gold pellets carefully!

    ·Azebaj Staff and Templar Staff of Delight now have appearances

    ·Time-Imbued Crystal and Fake Crystal are now marked as quest items

    ·Ripped Scale Gloves no longer have doubled stats

    ·The health regeneration effect of Magi Hold Spellwand will now persist for the entire 10 minutes of the ability

    ·Princess Freestone's Tiara now has Primal, Etherence, Infuse, and Rune enhancement slots

    ·Avarem's Messenger Bag now gives a 10% runspeed bonus that stacks with other effects

    ·The overall quality of Tharridon's loot has been improved. In addition, there have been some additional changes to specific pieces:

    oAncient Breastplate now has Etherence, Primal, and Rune enhancement slots

    oTharridon's Ring now has Etherence, Primal, and Rune enhancement slots

    oTharridon's Mighty Maul now has a proc, and its damage has been corrected


    ·Druid - Switching to Hierophant's Blessing stance no longer triggers an auto-attack animation

    ·Bard and Light Fighter trainers will now offer the song component Mellarien's Chorus of Arms

    ·Shadow Vein should now open up chains on critical strikes

    UI Files Updated





    Make PvE GREAT Again!
  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,021
    although the clunky mechanics due to the badly optimized engine was the main reason why i stayed away from the game ill give it another try now that has less restrictions. Maybe i can be a bit forgiving about the engine if the rest of the game is good enough

  • William12William12 Member Posts: 680
    They have been removing the restrictions from other games to and this is just a start.   Hopefully they remove them from EQ and EQ2.
  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 19,662
    Hmm, that is pretty generous.  This should be good for game and certainly for the dedicated players.
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  • TokkenTokken Member RarePosts: 2,191
    I hope removing restrictions from MMO's becomes a new trend.
    Make PvE GREAT Again!
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