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House Of Nim-Lhach Recruiting post

cooperkhoocooperkhoo Member UncommonPosts: 4

Back and start recruiting new ppl smile.gif Good day to all EVE pilots. please contact me or evemail me Fronty Jia.

Currently: Target mining, manufacturing, research and PVE.
Policy: Build things or something
Purpose: A SEA community less stress environment in Eve.
Etc: We will train and guide new players/ Vets are welcome

External Vision: In future if the progress doing well. I personally will organize a gathering. A gathering where is not just among corp members but to introduce the game to curious gamers about Eve online. To create a community where we gather not just for the purposes of games but for other endeavours. If you share the above vision please let me know.

They said PVP is the only fun. In the end you need Industry to support your larger dream.

Eve is expensive. 

Aim to build SEA Eve community

Contact me in eve-mail Fronty Jia


Fronty Jia

CEO of (HN-L)

+8 GMT

English spoken/Malay/Chinese/Korean


  • cooperkhoocooperkhoo Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Is a good sat. How are you? Any questions?
  • cooperkhoocooperkhoo Member UncommonPosts: 4
    still looking for miner and new players. I will guide them personally though i am not  the greates but i am one of the person u can trust in eve :) cheers
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