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Whats this game?

drazzahdrazzah Member UncommonPosts: 437

 Whats this game about? 1st?



  • RoyunghRoyungh Member UncommonPosts: 16

     Like travian or envoy, or others, nothing really new.

    The good points are that the developer is jagex, and they are really good adding content, so we can be sure they will make this game be really good. Jagex always do basic games on start and make it even better, a company we can be sure that will try to make the game better and not abandon it.


    The other good points is the in game chat, really good, enjoying it xD.

  • misterdurpmisterdurp Member Posts: 157

     jagex is not the developer but the publisher

  • RoyunghRoyungh Member UncommonPosts: 16
    Originally posted by misterdurp

     jagex is not the developer but the publisher


    Yep, my bad xD

  • PurpleCliffPurpleCliff Member UncommonPosts: 156

    For some reason it's the only MMORTS I've ever enjoyed ... not sure why yet, it's not that different ...

  • farfanugonfarfanugon Member Posts: 419

    it looks to be a downloadable version of evony that carries out the game play a bit farther

    the big bulky 1990's style UI tells me to go away tho

    dam you 1990's style UI

    still havent found a new game


  • xakkxakk Member Posts: 4

    i recommend giving this game a chance.

  • zerkin1zerkin1 Member Posts: 1

    I've played WoL for some time now, this is my take:


    Fun in early stages, with cities to be built up, legends to train and tasks to complete.


    Bugs are extremely slow to be fixed, as Jagex must go through China-based Ultizen for any programming issues

    Updates are very infrequent due to same reason as above.

    There is a lot of in-game advertising.

    Forums are very quiet.

    Many inactive players take up map space

    PVP becomes PVinactive as active players band together in one or two mega-alliances per server.

    Alliance-based bonuses encourage mega-alliances, further decreasing PVP

    Higher level tasks either require purchase of items or are based on random drops, leaving the player with no real sense of progress

  • AkechtaAkechta Member Posts: 219

    War of Legends is the english version of the game World of Tengfeng (Or something like that, I haven't played in a while)

    WoL is being managed by Jagex while WoTF is being run by Ultizen.

    I's just another one of those games where you build up your city, make an army, kill other people. Like Evony.

    I played for about 3 months, got a score of about 1,000,000 reputation, then quit. A month later I came back on ad played for a wee longer... got up to 13,000,000 reputation and then quit again. Now I only log on every few months to check new updates and catch up with friends. It was actually a lot better than those other games out there.

  • SkitakissSkitakiss Member Posts: 1

    I would highly recommend playing this game!

  • skeaserskeaser Member RarePosts: 4,097

    Originally posted by drazzah

     Whats this game about? 1st?

    What's, a conjunction for "what is". The ' is the button to the left of your enter key, please feel free to use it.

    Sig so that badges don't eat my posts.

  • darkkblackdarkkblack Member Posts: 38

    This is a really great game. Jagex plublishing knows how to entertain!



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