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OlroxOlrox Member Posts: 46

Is there a free trial for this game? Because I do not plan on just paying for it not knowing if I will like or not.

Thx in advanced.

Can think of a sig atm...


  • BurningManBurningMan Member Posts: 613
    advice for you read the advertisements on the top



  • Cubbi_116Cubbi_116 Member Posts: 2
    -=nodds=- Yes there is a 3 day free suggestion for you: Make sure and pick the right gender!  I accidently put male on my first account...yah, i was all levled up and playing iwth my boyfirend...and, yah, i was a i had to start ALL OVER again! @.o it sucked!  -=shruggs=- Anyway, its a great game, you'lllove it! ^_^

    ~Your southern Belle~

    ~Your southern Belle~

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