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Looking for sandbox mmo

PleskacPleskac Member Posts: 5

I have tried so many games if not all :-( But in the end im looking for something like wurm with better graphics/animations and combat. I have now instaled Mortal Online but its so much slow paced game and even doesnt have such options as wurm has  to terraform land and actually really change world somehow it ends with building an already designed house and thats not enought for me also mortal is so buggy :( btw : also tried xsyon and definetly dont like that game even that theme is bad.. maybe i should sub eve or .... dunno what to play !:D help me!


EDIT: and how much sandboxy is Vanguard ?! thx


  • adderVXIadderVXI Member UncommonPosts: 727
    Opps n/m!

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  • NivarinNivarin Member Posts: 1

    I would definitely give Vanguard a try.

    It really depends on your definition of "Sanbox" to begin with. However, I started my MMO career off with Ultima Online. I've always compared my "sandbox" definition to that game.

    Vanguard may not have as many of the same options as UO, but it is a different game. It's also a lot of fun. I played Vanguard originally from Beta back in the day and have recently come back with Free To Play and with the current developement team.

    The two best systems in Vanguard right now are Dimplomacy and Crafting. Both have a very "sanboxy" feel to me. The Lore is very rich if you take time to read it in Diplomacy. The crafting is very involved and will hopefully be getting some good attention in the new year.

    You can own a house in Vanguard. With a monthly membership for the time being. It can be difficult to get there as you need to actually build the house. However, that's what "sandbox" is to me.

    If you have any specific questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

    ~ Ravin ~

  • PleskacPleskac Member Posts: 5
    i have written above that i tried xsyon and its too bad, better graphics than wurm but wurm has better gameplay (not playing wurm maybe 2 years) but i have tried xsyon some time ago its now free but not satisfiing im looking forward for archeage also and Greed mongrel but i need somethinjg that is already ready to play ..:-//
  • driver4hiredriver4hire Member UncommonPosts: 78

    Eve may not have what your looking for... I have been in your shoes before and actually gave up on looking for a game primarily because I was spoiled with the golden age of sandboxes;  SWG PRECU Classic UO and a few others.

    Ultima online has skill advancement system and is more newbie friendly these days.  You can build your own house which is about as close as your going to get to terraforming.  Only other games that allow terraforming you have already tried.  At least to my knowledge

    You can try eve but the most frustratiing thing about it for me is that the only character advancement you get by playing is earning in game currency.   Its not like the other games you mentioned where the more you use something the better you get with it.

    Time played is not equal to skill level(take this statement lightly please)I just wanted something that would make my character slightly better by playing it, nothing more. 

    If eve had its "passive skill system" mixed with a grouping of "active skills" that you could train and use during combat I would play the dang thing all the time or even the ability to gain to SP from killing things with appropriate weapons etc.  A skill that takes 45 days to train to make my character 2% better at combat just didn't seem worth the login. 

    Free trial eve and keep an open mind I guess.

    Age of Wushu is supposedly the next rave in the sandbox department as well and I think they also have a free trial currently.  Have yet to try it personally.

    I have been debating more recently to starting a new UO account or just playing it for free but who knows! 

    If you do find something let me know.


    Oh and about vanguard.  Its not very sandboxy.  More like an improved version of classic everquest.  Its F2P now I think though so its worth a shot.

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  • PleskacPleskac Member Posts: 5
    looks like i will have to play wurm online until archeage will be released ..:D
  • ObzzarverObzzarver Member UncommonPosts: 50

    I happen to have just done a video overview of sandbox mmo's for this year and beyond.

    Might be usefull :)

    There is 14 games in this video, the selection might be grander than you think :)

    Honest none-summarized friendly gameplay videos with commentary: MMO previews / Gametesting / Let's Play:

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