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Trying to remember what game this is

ScythyScythy Member Posts: 41
You had the ability to have three NPCs as your teammates. It was incredibly grindy, but it almost revelled in that fact by having a leveling path on the worldmap. I don't remember much except that I set up my party to have three gunners in somewhat of a sniper mode in a triangle formation so I could afk grind. Pretty sure it was free to play, and I played it more than 4 years ago. It's not Atlantica :P


  • TheocritusTheocritus Member LegendaryPosts: 8,584
        You're probaly thinking of Sword 2, formerly known as sword of the new world.
  • NikopolNikopol Member UncommonPosts: 626

    Yep, Sword of the New World, AKA Granado Espada.


  • ScythyScythy Member Posts: 41
    Originally posted by Nikopol

    Yep, Sword of the New World, AKA Granado Espada.


    Thank you! Granado Espada is it!

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