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GW2 was a lie, what to play now?



  • MaephistoMaephisto Member Posts: 632
    I suggest Pirates 101, it is clearly a superior game.


  • mindw0rkmindw0rk Member UncommonPosts: 1,356

    Im same as you OP. GW2 was my most anticipated game and became the biggest disappointment 2012. It almost insults me that so many gaming sites put it in GOTY shoes.

    If you want to try something really fresh and interesting, with much more focus on PvP, check Age of Wushu.

  • scrittyscritty Member Posts: 89
    [mod edit] . Skyrim or far cry 3 are deeper and have more to do, better crafting, more missions, more character development than gw2 crap. Most over- rated shallow experience of the year.
  • AeliousAelious Member RarePosts: 3,521
    Depending on what you want overall I would say EQ2 or Vanguard. If the typical themepark games are wearing on you Vanguard for sure. It is the game people are complaining should have been developed. It had been written off because SoE fixed it and shelved it for over a year. Now it has a dedicated dev team, has a freemium option and is doing really good with a bigger community. Anyone wanting something "old school" should try it as it looks really good for being from '07. It's the true EQ 2.0.

    If themeparks are not wearing on you EQ2 is really deep and will keep you busy for a very long time. You can try the completely free "Bronze" level version but if you like it I would suggest the one time 5.00 upgrade to "Silver".
  • Psy410Psy410 Member Posts: 70

    As you, I loved the original Guild Wars and it's expansions, but if I was being introduced to that game for the first time ever, right now, I don't think I would be that impressed with it.

    All the things that led me to buying GW were more exciting to me then, than all the new things that led me to buy GW2, because every innovation made sense as another excuse to like it more than the previous games but then each one also had downsides or shortcomings.

    That being said, the story had more meaning before, In the first GW you started playing and you lived through some dramatic events that would change the landscape for ever (that is it, there is not an heroic act that saves everyone, and that means devastation, and you wanted to fight it), while in the tutorial area of GW2 you just agree to do a couple of things real quick and then you "defeat" a big boss without even trying.... it can all be done so fast that you don't even have time think that you don't deserve to be called a hero (that is disappointing, not cool or epic) and then, that is it, welcome to the rest of the game.

    It is ironic that a game with a "persistent world" and "dynamic events" felt (that is the key word) less dynamic than an instanced game and that you felt that you had more of an impact in those instances, maybe it is because now in GW2 the enemies have to respawn, where in GW you could vanquish areas if you wanted, I think that gave the game world a sense of stability or progression that a persistent world can't have, at least not that easily, because now in GW2 every little thing has a timer, so the endless cycle / "chains of events" can continue (I think I prefered the old chains of quests of GW because they ended, you could do your quests and feel that you were done with them and with the content that they unlocked when active).

    In GW it was a small group against the unknown, now it is just a bunch of players rushing forward, through every step of the way (each one indicated in the map after you talk to an npc) and taking care of any sporadic DEs that might occur.... if you return you see more people going through the same things you just did. In GW2 you go and see something already happening and you wonder how long it has been happening, how many people should join you if you haven't leveled enough.... and so when you get to experience most of an event and bail before it ends, still earning a gold medal, you get the sensation that it was something incomplete, that you have to share with everyone, and that you can't do it at your own pace because a random group could end it all at any moment, before you even have a chance to take a screenshot.

    In my humble opinion a text wall is not as annoying as an awkward dialogue that occurs outside of context, with some "rare artsy" slides as the background, and most of the main-story dialogues that really matter in the first GW were delivered in well done cutscenes so maybe we should be able to deactivate them and we could have a voiced text box or something.

    In the first GW games you got a new skill from an npc in a new area, found in a remote location and only after some previous quests that unlocked the one that you needed and for the elite skills you had to get a signet of capture and hunt a boss all over the map and it wouldn't be alone, now in GW2 you just use your weapon to kill stuff and they appear alone or you make points to trade for the ones that you like, they are more impressive but every other player will have them that easily so you are not even that curious about someone's "skills" or "traits".

    In GW2 you select a profession that is unique.... because you can not access the skills of the others, in the first GW you were a combination of two professions and that made you even more unique, that gave you some agency over your character as you learned how to use some of the secondary skills in new ways combined with your primary skills. Even if they werent as visually impressive they were more fun because they were carefully put in their place by ourselves.

    I could keep going on but, I just want to say that the most promising game / the best looking game is not always the best one.

    So maybe you could give a chance to a classic game instead of getting hyped for a new release again.

    Those are my 2 cents.


  • Sevenstar61Sevenstar61 Member UncommonPosts: 1,685
    Originally posted by Lovely_Laly

    I love WoW, sorry to tell but it true.
    Only I can't pay 15$/months right now, so I'm looking for free/cheaper option to replace WoW.

    I loved GW but it ended.

    Runes of Magic was fun before it became heavy money trap / endless boring farm, although it outdated for me now as missing some modern features as "group finder", "fly mount" and some others (optional).

    SW:TOR is born dead as I noticed from forum here, may be I'm wrong but seems so.

    Final Fantasy is something attracts me but I can't understand these games system and lost at all these XXII:DD

    Tera looks cool but so far I found non-playable.

    Thanks for all reply, guys!
    I don't want to troll or give negative topic, all I want is find nice game to be hooked with.

    SWTOR is not dead - it'a actually pretty alive and kickin...

    And as most of haters say that SWTOR is WoW with lightsabers and you love WoW - you would probably like it a lot /grin

    Try it... you can play for free.

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  • VorchVorch Member UncommonPosts: 793

    You could have just asked "What should I play now". Instead you used GW2 as troll bait. You were trying to be negative...don't lie.

    You also say you'd like to play WoW but hate games with bad avatars.

    My solution: play what you know you love. Try seems like the perfect game for someone like you.

    "As you read these words, a release is seven days or less away or has just happened within the last seven days— those are now the only two states you’ll find the world of Tyria."...Guild Wars 2

  • dwarfusdwarfus Member UncommonPosts: 93
    Originally posted by Lovely_Laly

    SW:TOR is born dead as I noticed from forum here, may be I'm wrong but seems so.

    Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

    SWTOR is not nearly as bad as this site would have you believe. A lot of that hate was well deserved as Bioware overpromised and didn't deliver. A lot more hate was GW2 fan boyz hating on SWTOR even though they didn't play it or play it much.

    Now SWTOR is free. You have nothing to lose. It's a steal at free and worth the try. There are some people saying their F2P model sucks, but frankly, I'm in it right now and it's fine. Of course, I am in the preferred model, which requires a one time purchase ($5), but that's as close to free as it gets. The preferred model ($5) unlocks most of the complaints in the forums.

  • KilsinKilsin Member RarePosts: 509
    Originally posted by ice-vortex
    Originally posted by Kilsin

    I can recommend Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

    VG is under new management (new SOE Dev team) and going great these days, it's slightly older but I think you will be surprised.

    It's Free to play

    One of the best MMO communities around

    Great GM's

    Check it out and hopefully you will agree!

    Supposedly they will be improving the f2p model soon.

    Yes, they have already made a start and opened up more options and items to F2P customers, I subscribe with 4 accounts myself to support the game so I hope other players like it enough to subscribe and keep us going strong.

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