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Albion Avengers Guild and Alliance are recruiting!!

SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484
Hi DAoC Players

Yes, we are once again recruiting players to the guild but also we have our new alliance that was created a week ago and looking for more active guilds to join us. Details will be below about Albion Avengers guild and Albion Avengers alliance.

Albion Avengers Guild
Albion Avengers are currently a RvR/PvE guild and one of the largest guilds in Albion. We want to continue growing to be active all around the clock but also do events for players in different time zones. Our guild has one of the best communities that people hope for in a game, we're helpful, friendly and also enjoyable to play with. We give good advice on how to structure a character spec, templating, working as a team, knowing what needs to be in a RvR set group and understanding how to play your toon if needed. We don't only give advice, Albion Avengers do their own events like Picts, xp groups, lab 1 time drops, scale farming, glass farming, soul farming, Lab and NF 8man, tower camping and many more. Albion Avengers also do public events for the realm like Master level 10, Realm retake, Moran mini's and big 3. If you are interested in joining our guild then please click on this http://www.albionavengers.guildporta...&TabID=3187238

Albion Avengers Alliance
Albion Avengers Alliance are looking for active guilds to join that have 5+ members. The Alliance are mostly into rvr as we do our /as private rvr bgs (US time zone), Lab/NF 8-16man, Stealth zerg, but also do pve wise is Master level 10 together for peeps that need astral items in the alliance. We also allow alliance to get involved with our guild activties during the day that you will need to read above. If you need more information about our alliance on how to join then please click on this http://www.albionavengers.guildporta...&TabID=3647655 and then register at our site and apply for your guild to join the alliance.

Here are the guilds that have already joined us!
1) Albion Avengers (Leaders)
2) Shadow Brothers
3) Adventures of old DAoC
4) Deadly Intent
5) Predatory Order Detail
6) Dark Lotus
7) Zzzzzzs
8) Bene Gesserit
9) Pagans Blood

If Any questions about guild or alliance then send me personal message on here or find me in game and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Thanks for reading

Albion Avengers Guild Master


  • JedicowboyJedicowboy Member UncommonPosts: 140
    sent you a PM
  • SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484
  • FlarglegumpFlarglegump Member Posts: 8
    which ywain server are you guys on? I might be interested, I just started the 14 day trial.
  • SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484
    Originally posted by Flarglegump
    which ywain server are you guys on? I might be interested, I just started the 14 day trial.

    Click on any of the ywain servers. They all linked together anyway, but our guild was formed on Ywain 1.



    Guild Master Albion Avengers

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