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Need a game to play! please help me!

HugMeOnceHugMeOnce Member Posts: 5

I've been looking for a good MMORPG game a month or so. I've tried alot of games but didn't found anything i really liked.

This is the games i've been trying:

Anarchy Online

Runes of Magic

Last Chaos

Fiesta Online


If you know any good MMORPG games please post it and i'll try it out!


  • LadyEupheiLadyEuphei Member UncommonPosts: 223

    Get ready for the withdraw...

    You can try out age of wushu its fun but only a 10 hour trial.

    planet side 2 is interesting as well good to blow off steam

    I like darkblood because it reminds me of double dragon


  • Darklotus79Darklotus79 Member Posts: 61

    Well I'ts really hard to suggest one when we dont really know what you like.

    In my personal opinion Allods or DC universe are the best right now. Especialy in the F2p market.

    I know Allods gets a bad rep , but the game has improved so much since launch. Plus the atmosphere of the game is just awsome. Plus the community is super nice..Most of  the time anyway! The games still has the P2W aspects about it at endgame. The runes get very pricey!  Thats not till endgame though..and if you play it till endgame and want to keep playing then you will need to invest in the game. It will take awhile to get to level cap..a couple of months atleast.

    DC Universe is very fun and very fast paced , but you get to level cap in like 2 days. After a week or so you need to start investing for anymore progression. The combat and action packed quest and intense pvp make it well worh it though.

    If you want a sub game go Rift you cant go wrong with it.

  • EtherignisEtherignis Member UncommonPosts: 249
    RaiderZ is f2p
    DK online f2p
    tsw is b2p
    tera online is p2p
    gw2 b2p
    duco f2p
    age of conan online f2p
  • HugMeOnceHugMeOnce Member Posts: 5
    RaiderZ, is it a game you're playing at the moment or? since i would like to start up and play with someone to make it more fun ;)
  • Darklotus79Darklotus79 Member Posts: 61
    Originally posted by HugMeOnce
    RaiderZ, is it a game you're playing at the moment or? since i would like to start up and play with someone to make it more fun ;)

    RaiderZ is pretty fun , but the gold spammers are just terrible right now. I have a Level 30 berzeker on Crawler server. I'll play it again if they ever get that fixed.

  • EtherignisEtherignis Member UncommonPosts: 249
    @HugmeOnce no not atm, im currently the secret world and every now then tera online.
  • EtherignisEtherignis Member UncommonPosts: 249
    @HugMeOnce heres 2 more mmorpgs Contentiant 9 and Vindictus.
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