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Concept for a game: D2 in Space

tzj2006tzj2006 Member UncommonPosts: 19

Hello all,


I've been thinking about a concept for a game recently that I feel like would fill a hole thats been lacking. One of my all time favorite games from childhood has to be Tyrian. It combined the awesome action of a shoot em up like Raptor with a bit of persistance. There were an absolute ton of different weapons and ships you could purchase, plus you could use your money to upgrade them between levels. I also really liked the asthetic to it, not 100% sci fi, some of the bosses were pretty zany and over the top. Everything also had a very organic feel to it.


I think it would be awesome to combine that concept with one of my other all time favorite games, Diablo 2. The absolute ridiculous amount of loot you would get in that game really made me want to do just another mephy run, level just another character. Everything seemed like a mystery, that moment when the last bit of health from whatever boss you were downing trickled away and the aftermath of sorting through the shower of loot. You never knew what you were going to get, and it seemed like there were so many possibilities.


So here is what I visualize. A persistant action RPG with randomly generated loot, levels, and bosses, skill trees, etc. with a Tyrian/Asteroids feel. I think the controls would work with a WASD style scheme but similar to asteroids in that you have a bit of inertia. Your player character would be a pilot that would level up to gain different types of skills. You would be able to equip ships that would fulfill different roles and each ship would be able to be customized with shields, armor, weapons, etc. One of the best parts of Tyrian was how awesome the weapons were, homing missiles, flame throwers, giant lasers, a pod you could shoot out that shot bullets, etc. I think with randomly generated weapons using interesting variables there would actually be some excitment when you picked up loot. Every item could change the way you approach your ship and pilot build, which is something that was really missing in D3.


Anyways I'm starting to rant, but if any of this seems like an interesting concept. Please let me know. I might try and put something together in flash first.




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