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12/14/12 - Servers Back Up

Just wanted to let people know that the Servers came back up sometime without any announcement.

I had been checking in about once a week since the "Extended Platform Maintenence" blackout started a few months back, and last week when I tried to Login the servers were back up and running.  I have, however, been the only person on Bacchus anytime I've logged in for the last week, so I'm guessing the two or three other people that were still playing this title occasionally have stopped trying to login lol.

Anyway, for any lifers still out there, or others interested in seeing what the "Minion System" and Estate building was all about...once again, Rome Calls!!!

Anyone and everyone can feel free to disagree with any or all of my opinions and observations whenever I rarely post them; it doesn't bother me one bit. Just know that I'll likely never respond to YOUR disagreement or personal attack, because I know better than to argue with idiots, especially upon internet Forums. See what I did there? -- Dinidain


  • furdudefurdude Member UncommonPosts: 22
    This is awesome. After a 3 month "extended" maintenance, i can finally go and pile drive some NPCs!
  • vorenahvorenah Member Posts: 2
    Great news!
  • DashiDMVDashiDMV Member Posts: 362

     Last I checked forums were still down. A shame that people could play if they wanted to and probably noone knows.  No response on their Facebook page either. A shame because even when times were bad, someone would be on here to give an update.


    Well for Lifetime subbers and people who want to play, hopefully it is still up for them.

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