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Made an video, will make more :D

timeraidertimeraider Member UncommonPosts: 787

First a few things of the start:

- I havent really made any Forge videos yet so i have had no time to synergise with the game yet therefor not all videos wont be great :P

- i will make more serious videos about Forge.. guides, update showcases.. that stuff
- For the first video, i havent really ever made a good montage before and still learning, so this one wont be great :P
- also first time using vegas pro 12
- any comments/tips or anything else usefull, please mention

Here is my first montage video of 2 arenarounds i did today, this is more of a try to see how it works out.. if it works out i could make more serious videos
... also i should start recording more matches, cause i had some great matches ending with 5 kills and at the end do a nice 2v3/2v4 :P

but still.. this is the result of my try for a first video: (1080p is possible, though i record in lower resolution to keep my fps on a reasonable level.)

p.s. do NOT subscribe to me .. no seriously, i do not make videos on a certain timebasis, also my videos are random and usually suck

nonetheless for people who want to see some footage of the new arenamode (1 life per round)

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