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What happens when you lose in PVP...

ZerlyZerly Member Posts: 35

Hi all,

Im an avid WOW player, but decided to try the 14 day trial of EVE. Hard learning curve as already discussed, but enjoying the depth of the game. Now have to decide whether I have the time for two MMos :)

Just one question though...if you die in PVP EVE, what happens? Do you lose your ship, some training, all of the above. An explanation or discussion would be helpful.



Ps I hope there is some loss involved, I feel that WOW goes too easy on death. Respawn with no pain involved, loses some of the excitement of old school games like Everquest.


  • CerrianCerrian Member Posts: 141

    There are 2 stages to dieing in EVE.

    First the ship. When the ship is blown up, it is gone. There is no magical replacement waiting for you at the nearest station. In addition, any modules that you had equipped on the ship + any items in your cargo hold is randomly destroyed. Whatever survives the destruction of your ship is left in a cargo canister at the location where your ship went *pop* and can be collected by any player in the vicinity. There are tools that can lessen the economic loss of a ship, but not the modules and cargo. By insuring your ship, you will get a payout typically 70-80% of the ship's market value.

    The second stage to dieing is EVE is the actual killing of your pilot. Upon destruction of your ship, your pilot escapes via a "pod". Pods are extremely vulnerable but are very fast at warping out of a battlefield. Pods are difficult to destroy, but a successful pod kill will result in a pilot's corpse. The penalty for a pod death is an economic and potentially a skill point loss. All pilots have an option to purchase a "clone" of their pilot. This insures that upon a pod death, all skill points are transferred over to the clone without any loss. It is rare for a pilot not to purchase a clone...but if they don't then they risk a significant skill point reduction when they are killed.

  • checkthis500checkthis500 Member Posts: 1,236

    Just to add, any implants that you have equipped will be destroyed if your pod gets destroyed.  And these implants are rather expensive, some are worth as much as a good ship. 

    The losses are very real in EVE.  PVP isn't taken lightly at all, and there is no designated area for it, except for the fact that the police in the game will react if you attack someone in 0.5 security space or above.  But if you're at war, then the police don't care and you can attack anyone you're at war with in whatever security space you want. 

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  • ZerlyZerly Member Posts: 35

    thanks the replies, PvP sounds risky and thus very worthwhile.

  • SevarusSevarus Member Posts: 65

    Just a quick add on here. The skill point loss with no clone was reduced by CCP somewhat to avoid draconian penalties that would cause players to quit. The approximate 'max' loss of skill points with no insurance in a clone after being pod-killed is around 5%. That may not sound like much starting out......but 5% of 15-30million skill points could still be a real ball buster. ::::07::

    No good pilot undocks EVER without a good clone. (key word being good). Of course mistakes do happen. lol.


  • LardarzLardarz Member Posts: 55

    Once you get to a decent level, say above 10m skillpoints, if you are fitting a battleship with decent kit you can expect to lose an approximate isk value of 40-80m every time you get podkilled. Implant cost will be extra........
    example :
    tier 2 battleship insurance 10m
    clone cost: 13m ish
    tech 2 guns cost : 27m
    optional extra : full set of +3 implants 190m........

    If you fly cruisers this loss reduces to around 20-50m............
    Heavy assault cruisers cost around 100m and cannot be insured for their market value. Expect to lose upwards of 100m if you die frequently in these............

    Or if you prefer to fly in a frigate and fit quite basic kit you can lose practically nothing apart from your clone cost and ship insurance fee.

    The pvp in eve actually makes you shake for the first many times you do it, because it is so risky and rewarding at the same time. Large scale fleet battles are an unbelieveable rush.

    'Argueing with an Eve player is like argueing with a religous nut. '

  • AzirophosAzirophos Member Posts: 447

    [quote]Originally posted by Lardarz
    example :
    tier 2 battleship insurance 10m
    clone cost: 13m ish
    tech 2 guns cost : 27m
    optional extra : full set of +3 implants 190m........

    Not trying to be a smarta**, but I dont think someone below 6-8 months of game time will use T2 large guns - at least not without sacrificing a lot of other (more) important skills. Also the full insurance (the only that makes sense) for a Tier 2 Battleship is just over 30 mill.

    Also being podded is usually rare and comes in a lot of cases from lag after you ship is destroyed. There are pvplers out there (good and bad) who have been podded only a few times or never at all. Its not like that happens to you all the time - if you know what you do and wit ha bit of luck, ofc.

    Originally posted by Mandolin

    Designers need to move away from the old D&D level-based model which was never designed for player vs player combat in the first place.

  • tachgbtachgb Member UncommonPosts: 791

    Very nicely explained, Cerrian. ::::28::

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