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My impression with Starlegends. Disgusted

GokuryuGokuryu Member Posts: 8

Good evening gamers and staff of mmorpg. I am a die hard fan of many rpg games as well I am a long time reader/reviewer of rpgamer.com (name not shared for review protection). I did write a rant or two on rpgamer, however I feel the need I must share it here.Just so everyone is clear, this is not an act of complaining, mouthing off, or an act of b***ing. This needs to be said so that many gamers be aware of a game called Star Legends, aka Spacetime studios.

Please be advised this is a long read. This is a review of my own based on the experience of this game of how bad it is and needs proper addressing to the HQ of Space Time Studios and its staff. You're more than welcome to read, but please respect the topic. It is intended to the mature audience readers.

First, a little about how I came accross this game. I am a well renowned reviewer as mentioned and I write very detailed reviews on rpg app games as well. The first time I played this game, I seriously found it to be in my liking since it had a little mass effect feel to it. But eventually, near the “end game”, or cap level” it got quite dull since it had little to do anything related RPG.

Originally, I play single player games on several rpg platforms. I tried a variety of rpg games online that felt near perfected but beta is there for a reason. Games like Celes Arca & Iruna online held great potential but unfortunately they are currently being constructed into getting that point. Until the game continues to be perfected, I tried out a game called Star Legends in the google play search [MMO].

I played this game for a good six months. Some moments were great, some moments were just down right irritating enough to break my own phone. As I progressed into the game, there came this annoying feature called pvp (player vs player). From my understanding, every class is balanced (or so does the forums say on STS), and every class has a weakness. Turns out, regardless what setup I had or stats adjusted, I kept losing and eventually it damaged my Kill death ratio (kd) or Win loss ratio. Some lobbies are extremely biased; either you properly wait for both sides to say "go" or it's pretty much anything goes aka free for all. There are no rules, however this is where it gets messy. Often times where you set your own lobby or enter one, the proper formal way to fighting varies from player to player as mentioned above. If you disobey, the entire team rushes you, thus damages your KD or W/L ratio.

For example, if a two players don't call out "go" it's considered "rushing". If a player yells out "rusher" at the defender, the others comply and proceed to "t-bagging", thus informal pvp and an abuse.
Cap levels are ridiculous in pvp and improper. I cannot stress how much backwatered this felt among pvp players in the community with SL. For example, if you entered in pvp as lv 25, and another came in as lv 30, believe it or not a play can come in based on range difference in 5 levels (i.e. lv 25 = 20-30, lv 30 = 25-35), so you can see my point for irritating controlling a lobby is stressful and annoying. People often come into the lobby and start attacking people and nothing can be done about it. Even if the player is booted from the lobby, that same player will try to log onto another account and do the same thing again.
In this case of scenario, this is considered as harassment aka stalking. The rules on star legends clearly prohibits players from stalking, grief, and any sort of behavior. When the lobby gets out of hand, I either leave and make a new one, however, these players continue to persist.

Now, STS provides a function to report players, & a submit feedback feature on both the device & their website. I did both of those things. It's too bad  neither of them are helpful. The only time it's helpful is when large volumes of reports come flowing in, such as glitch, bugs, or in game issues. Since neither helped, I retaliated both in game and on the forums, thus eventually got not only my forum access but also my game account gone, inaccessible, vanished. Not only six months went down the drain building my fine character, but also the payment put into the character.

Now, I understand most of you that have been following me along reading this now, but hear me out. If the rules were set to keep an environment a safe haven, then why on earth would they not enforce or take action towards players clearly breaking the rules? Here's my support and take on this in this post:


I’m not perfect, but I do admit my mistakes to some certain degree. The fact I use their services spent over 200$ is a little extreme. As shown above in the post, large number of players feel cheesed their system is flawed. Like the scamming issue, nothing can be done. Same with the issues of game sellers disrupting the game flow selling currency for real money. Do they get banned? Nope... And you’d wonder why I’m writing this.

I care what I lost because I worked the time and money into the game. What captured my enjoyment in this game is pvp. Everything else is just people hunting vanities, but that’s their business. I just want my account back and play again. I enjoyed having something in my pocket knowing a little part of me is played on a phone.

What I blame the most is the forum environment. If I hadn’t used their forums, I wouldn’t have reacted to my the end of my character. It’s nothing more but people that troll bait, get people in trouble, go off topic, & my personal favorite, non supportive argumentative replies.

You don't have to read it, but it's nice to take a gander. It has a lot of pages... It's enough to convince anyone that STS is very sloppy in customer support, clearly, and shamefully bad. The only time they will reply to you in time and quickly... well... Money. Anytime a feature is used to buy "platinum (used to buy gear, boosters, or other means to level faster) they definitely will give you the full attention. This is a definition of greed and disrespectful to rpg gamers itself.

If you take the game Zenonia (not so much an online MMO, but an awesome rpg) they listen to their fans, their feedback, and all around great customer care. Something STS lacks thereof. Getting to the point I am outrage they give subjective bans. Not only that, their Terms of Service brainwashes users following it as some kind of an army facility. It's very disturbing and a double standard.

In short, if you want to play this game and enjoy it, don’t use their forums, and don’t bother wasting money on their “platinum service”. Don’t use their forums, and try to avoid your best with certain players in pvp causing trouble. Believe me, when you get to 40+, you’ll eventually see generally a lot of trouble makers at those levels. Most importantly, the STS are poor in feedback unless money is spent from the customers.

You may take my review into consideration with grain of salt. If anyone cares, you’re more than welcome to send feedback to their STS “contact us” service. If you truly feel for my loss, feel free to share your mind with how you feel.

Thank you for reading, player Gokuryu~

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  • GokuryuGokuryu Member Posts: 8

    Update. More from the comunity complaining about starlegends AKA space tim studios. More players are getting outraged due to the fact their support continues to ignore loyal customers. Several people in game continue to violate rules such as hacking, rmt, & spam. However, STS refuses to do anything or hear our voice as loyal customers. See this thread:


    You be the judge.

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