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New player feeling lost

mochipixelsmochipixels Member UncommonPosts: 144

I've recently stumbled upon Wakfu while looking for something different from the GW2, SWTOR, TSW realm of MMOs.  The first thing about Wakfu that blew me away was the gorgeous and cute graphic style.  While certainly on a different level when compared to GW2, it hold a unique attraction.

I started an Eniripsa and became overwhelmed very quickly with the indroduciton of the battle system, elements system, allotment of skill points and the ecology system.

Holy crap!

Now that coupled with the fact that we apparently can't respec without rerolling, I'm obviously very nervous about how to place points.  I also plan on mainly soloing (don't hate).  The problem is that it's so hard to find up-to-date info about how to play, how to level efficiently and specifically how to find adivce on building and gearing a solo Eniripsa.  The forums here are pretty dead and even the official forums are quite the ghost town.

So I'm posting here on the chance that someone might see this and reply.  Thank you kindly in advance if that happens :)


  • rpg123rpg123 Member UncommonPosts: 71



    I'ma new player too so I have no idea. Have you tried reading the guide or asking in game?

  • dreamscaperdreamscaper Member UncommonPosts: 1,592

    As far as point allocation goes, they've been giving out free respecs whenever they've made significant changes to multiple classes, so don't fret too much about it - chances are you'll be able to change it at some later point.


    As for feeling lost, rpg123's link is a good link. However, most of the vital stuff you lean on the starting island. However, I will say that it is much, much different from most games (especially of the WoW/SWTOR/GW2 variety), so if you've spent a large amount of time playing those games, prepare for a healthy dose of culture shock!


    Despite the somewhat low population, Wafku really is a gem among MMORPGs.  One thing is for certain, however - I highly, highly recommend getting a sub if you want to really get into the game. While the game is technically f2p, the f2p mode is honestly little more than a free preview. If you already have a sub, enjoy. :)


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