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How is the population on the EU servers? And I need some class help.

Which class would be recomended for solo questing and also being semi decent at PVP?

And! do I need to sub to enjoy the game?/Get a massive boost? I really hope the cash shop isn't pay to win


  • Destiny2010Destiny2010 Member UncommonPosts: 327

    All classes is good in pvp, as long as you learn to master them, and that`s the thing that takes time for many. Some might be easier to master then others. Soldier classes can take some pounding and deal at the same time, while Priest classes like ToS can do quite okay I think (?). Myself I do a Bear Shaman, good in PvE and good in pvp, if you can control it.

    Crom is PvE server, Fury is pvp server. I thin that Crom might have some more players, but Fury is good also at the right lvl.

    Cash shop is not p2w, no need to say anything more there. As to a Sub, you don`t need it to lvl to max lvl, but to enjoy all the good sides of the game like all instances (pve!)

    As a lvl 80 players for some while now, I find it hard to play without a sub, but I might suggest you start without one for at least 20-30 lvls and take  a look around for yourself.

    PvP wise the game is easy access to all minigames and pvp lvls. Expansion and AAs (sub required) comes in handy here later if yout interested in the longer term.

    I run a small guild on Fury who are pretty casual, so if your looking for somewhere to begin, send me a msg on the forum.

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