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My fast review

1St of all, before I start I want everyone to know that my IGN is Sugar and I am a DU, i reached #1 Duelist for a week or two.


I quited this game For 2 simple motives.

1St. It's a pay-to-win game [As any other PWE game]

2Nd. It is buggy as hell, and I have found over 50 bugs in 30 minutes of gameplay, I am a CLOSED BETA tester and I have to admit the game was all fine until I take a look at the features.


1. The Cash-Shop

1.1 Fortification Crystals, or w.e the name.

1.1.1 Same as BoI, the success rate is crappy as hell. Took me over 13 of the Forts to make my blade +4, the last try was like 70-65% or around that.

1.1.2 The only place where you can get those is from bosses and zen(lol the irony), I formed up a team and we hunted Hanibbal [Yes! that boss!] Not sure if it was the 1st team to kill it, but we did. And everyone got a Fort.

1.2 Mounts

1.2.1 At the Closed Beta we had 3 mounts to choose from at the ZEN shop and the classes mounts that in this game gives only crappy bonus.

1.2.2 one of the mounts was over 70k ZEN I think.




2. The community

2.1 Guilds

2.1.1 Sadly the guild's was rares, the few guilds were from the rich people so i can't give a concrete opinion here.

2.2 Legions or w.e sadly the legions was rares, the few guilds were from the rich people so i can't give a concrete opinion here.





3. General View

Nothing so new, but the classes and the replaced dungeons. New maps, balanced pvp, well worked spells and average graphics. The remaining is just copy paste of BoI.





As always in this place I'Il give you my thanks for reading my review, I think I raged a little on this one, but i said nothing but the truth. Don't forget to comment, and never follow people opinion unless you really want to.

Go on and test the game yourself and take your own conclusions ;).


                                           Kamikaze ? ~sz'


  • freetoquitfreetoquit Member Posts: 9

    Yes, this game, and about any other PWE game that has been released, is pay to win.

    PWE games can be fun, and some design concepts are really unique compared to the other games out there.

    Unfortunatly, PWE seems to care more about getting  their money from the smaller percentage of players willing to throw down money for anything rather than from a large amount of people paying about 10-15 or less a month (thats my guess anyway)

    So, a game like WOI is another PWE game designed AROUND the casshop currency, which can be directly traded for in game currency.  It seems like overtime PWE finds ways to design the games to trap players into spending more money, to extreme amounts

    But it is very possible to get by, and even get ahead, without spending any money.  Spending zen is a shortcut and more affects your "winning" in PVP.   Most of the pve game is based on progressing as fast as possible. 

    The events and dungeons are actually really easy to complete.

    Maxing a character, though, is rediculous and could probably drive someone mad.  Each tier of gear, or pets, seperated by a good amount of levels, can be fortified, gemmed, boosted, augemented, shined, etc to points where you would need to sell your house to finish.  And 15 levels later you do it all over again.

    But like i said, this isnt necessary - it can be played casually and enjoyed


  • DukeDuDukeDu Member Posts: 73
    Dude, if you spend hundreds of dollars to own noobs in this game you have serious mental problems. Play free, get tired of it, move on.
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