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Is it possible to play L2 solo?

AntreyasAntreyas Member Posts: 10

No, not that I dislike grouping, but as I do not often have much time to play Im interested to know wheater it
is possible to play L2 solo for some periods (if I dont find a group fast enough).


  • DarkchronicDarkchronic Member Posts: 1,088

    Depends what class you are really, I soloe'd to 30. But after that it is way too difficult.

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  • mentossmentoss Member Posts: 19

    when i play in lineage 2 a few month´s ago the spellhowler are the best soloer of the game, i dont know now


  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 30,233

    As a spellhowler, I've soloed to 67 and as of yet have had no problems.

    some classes have more issues soloing.

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  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    I have only been playing a few weeks and so far I have had no problems soloing. In fact I needed to stop and go back and kill weaker mobs to build up some cash again. (I spent all mine on new armor again, I'm such the impulse shopperimage)

    In fact the few groups I have been in really where not worth it. Probably because I am low level. I'm able to xp faster alone at 21 then in a group plus not have to share loot. I think at higher levels this will turn and group will become the better of the 2 options. Not sure yet. The math feels very consistant.

    From what I understand I'm also playing one of the weaker classes as a main - a Dwarf Artisan. Maybe the math will swing and crunch me once I hit 30 or 40. The way its going I don't see that happening.

    I will probably not bring the dwarf much higher then 30 or so anyway as his purpose is to be the "cash cow" and support a combat main.

  • benasatobenasato Member UncommonPosts: 193

    dont write off dwarf 40 it gets good get a pole with critcal stun join a pole group an you will never go back its insane.
    beside the summons that arts get later is really good one for clan an one for solo big boom is nice.::::15::
    my main is a scavy soon to be bh an in a pole group the cash an xp flows like water.
    shure it will slack off a bit in the late game but by that time you can pimp any race you want to with good gear an fart around on.

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