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My first impression about Eve

EndruzEndruz Member Posts: 3

Hello everyone,

I just quit Wow after 8 months of playing and installed Eve instead. I have to say its so different from Wow in a very good way. The world is huge, the economy and the option system is very well built , the community is so much better than in Wow. I cant say much at this point but my first impression was very positive. I believe the idea of this game was based on a Frontier game concept (very old game that took only 1mb of hdd space but had enormously big world built in), its very similiar to that. Well the worst part of Eve that hit me first was the travelling time and I think not everyone is patient enough to get through this. The breaks are long indeed especially when you move from games with more intense action. Its a bit overwhelming too but that makes Eve so much interesting from the start, the possibilities and freedom of your decisions. I have no idea how pvp in this game looks like so cant say much about it. The tutorial is very well organised and presents most of the thing that new player should know to start playing.
Well in general I have to say that this game is definately not for everyone. Requires a lot of patience and time invested in it but it might be worth it if you like to stick to one game for a long time. Sofar I enjoy it and I think I will be keep playing as a regular player. The only thing that I miss from Frontier is that travel time cannot be speed up (but this is obvious it cannot be done in real time mmorpg) so its a bit boring when you have to wait all the time to reach destination. Good luck everyone and see you in the game.


PS. Sorry about my english mistakes, its not my native language.


  • Ranma13Ranma13 Member Posts: 747

    The game was inspired by Elite. If you're referring to Elite: Frontier, then yes, it's the same game. Travel times are both good and bad. They're bad because it's boring but it's good because it localizes regions and the markets. Often times you'll see ships selling for 7 mil isk just to go to the next region over and find that the lowest price there is 5.5 mil isk. And people would gladly buy the 7 mil isk ship if it saves them 7 extra jumps. You don't see this kind of localization in other MMORPGs.

  • AzirophosAzirophos Member Posts: 447

    While travel in EVE sometimes takes a while also note that the autopilot lets you do other things while travelling without the need of constant full attention, unlike in other games. You can check the local markets, plan your skill training, check your ship, calculate the needs for some fittings or do something not-EVE-related altogether (checking the web, etc.). Just don't do that in the lower security areas :p - if you fly semi afk there you will get roasted most likely.

    Originally posted by Mandolin

    Designers need to move away from the old D&D level-based model which was never designed for player vs player combat in the first place.

  • Ranma13Ranma13 Member Posts: 747

    If you're in 0.4 to 0.1, AFK jumping between gates and stations should be alright. A big majority of the time, if you're just running agent missions or aren't in something that looks valuable or looks like it's carrying something valuable, pirates won't gank you. It's not worth the effort trying to tank sentry guns just to get some loot.

    If you're in the asteroid belts, however, you should be constantly alert of local chat and your surroundings.

  • checkthis500checkthis500 Member Posts: 1,236
    I complained about travel a lot, until I decided to search out an agent that was more battle oriented, and until I got into a corp and alliance, and our alliance went into war.  Becaues in war you can kill anyone that you're warring with in any security space.  So if I turn away from my comp while using auto pilot I could be dead, but if I"m in a very safe area, I use the autopilot and I do what the other guy said, I plan my skills, or my current ship setup, or my backup ship setup, or I calculate how much money it'll take to get the modules I'd like, or I keep an eye out on the channels I have up and help my alliance or anyone else playing.  I help my alliance by pointing out any hostiles I see that might be headed towards some alliance mates.  Once you get into the game, travel stops mattering, and what you do with your time starts mattering.  I'm starting to see a lot of people that have played WoW for so long trying out EVE.  It's a very different game, but it does offer the action that you had in WoW.  Once you start pvping you'll know that.  the mood gets really tense when you're about to engage in a battle, because no one wants to die.

    I live to fight, and fight to live.

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