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[Column] The Secret World: Meaningful Quality-of-Life Additions



  • ZharreZharre Member UncommonPosts: 80
    I have always wanted them to implement player housing, but I never thought about returning to our starting apartment. I LOVE that idea! Whether it is just the kick off of another storyline, or whether it actually has some basis in a future player housing system (whether it becomes our real apartment again or just the beginning of our route to getting one), I love the idea of using it somehow. It's an excellent way to tie back into our origin story. Great idea!
  • KellsKells Member Posts: 65

    1. I would like housing as well. Even if it is instanced.

    2. The crafting is pretty easy but I find it useful and I like being able to craft without having to make an alt. I DON"T LIKE ALTS!!!  Still, some more depth to it would be nice.

    3. Marriages were fun in SWG, so why not in this game? Not that I would do it, but I would attend them.

    4. My favorite thing about SWG were the player cities. I loved exploring them and seeing the cool customizations. The tools in SWG were so precise in terms of x,y,z and rotation, that some impressive artwork was possible. In contrast, player housing in Lord of the Rings was just too tame to be interesting (although some items were animated, unlike SWG).

    5. Overall, some sandbox stuff would be fun because I am running out of stuff to do in the themepark and I don't really get a lot of enjoyment out of the typical roleplaying, "So-n-so shrugs his shoulders and raises his eyebrows at the mystery woman who entered the bar" stuff.




  • Crazy_StickCrazy_Stick Member Posts: 1,059

    The Secret World was not put together with the virtual world model in mind. It's an RPG game focusing on combat grind with puzzles and investigations. I am not sure "quality of life improvements" really merit consideration in light of their design focus. It's the whole "the only people who want a simulated life are those who don’t have a real one" argument thats so common from developers these days where the casual audience is the money spending one. Even if personally, I am all for it. There are so many things that offer game play such as PVP improvements, new investigations, and mini-games that could be incorporated ahead of "world immersion systems" and fit into their design objectives.


    That noted, I agree with the idea of adding music making as it's the sort of thing a player can do themselves to make their own content but I would want to see some new bars in London. I would simply incorporate player housing with a quest line and add collectible items to furnish it with to boss or rare monster drops.


    The marriage systems in current MMORPGs are strange things that either focus on RP or provide bonuses people exploit. I would feel weird "marrying" my buddy Bob in a game just to get bigger XP gains and better loot drops. I think a “Boon Companion” system might be better as a small group extention to Cabals that provides a bonus, feature, or mission opportunity depending on which members are playing together on a given day.

  • ExmondExmond Member Posts: 33
    Music and Marriage sound terrible.  Please do not add these things to the game
  • jinterjinter Member UncommonPosts: 5

    O please no marriage and no theater. Those are old ideas. Expand the world. Give us things to do. Areas with open pvp.

     Fusang is a terrible mistake. On my server only 1 faction is active there. Your reward for just doing nothing is high level equipment. But remember: you must run all the time. Otherwise you will be banned. Fusang is used by the players as a chatroom. Blowkississ between the factions, when there are 1 or 2 members. Its so childish. We need hate and competition there. A panelty for death.

    I like the I resubbed. But the pve maps are almost empty. Everyone is running and chilling in Fusang. The easiest way to get good equipment. After 2 months I cancel my subscription again. This game isnt worth the money. Maybe there is a bit of progression. But its very slow and compared to other mmo's not enough. I dont think it will be better soon. Avoid this game.

  • wilecoyotewilecoyote Member Posts: 3

    TSW as with AOC by funcom are games with great graphics and for AOC there is a great combat interface.   I dropped TSW as quick/quicker than I installed it so I speak as an AOC pay to play player when I say it's a game that I am loosing intrest in.  How many raids of the same kind and how many mini games (the only form of pvp now) can you do?   I'm looking for the game with more to do.   examples....

    Crafting that provides something of value to the economy.  Currently there are no items that a solo person can produce that is of any value to anyone else.

    Housing (non instanced) would be nice.  Collect those rare items to show off.

    In short give me something to do be sides kill the same player or npc over and over and over with no purpose other than to kill the player or npc.

    I am looking forward to up and coming games.... ARCHAGE, Repopulation, Greed Monger... these three have some great potential to be the UO of the future with the graphics of AOC.


  • OrtwigOrtwig Member UncommonPosts: 1,163

    All these crafting ideas sound like medeival fantasy style crafting tacked on to a modern day setting.  Stupid.  And why would I care about a player economy in a modern setting where the freaking NYSE is just down the road?

    This game is about conspiracies and dark magics.  There's nothing wrong with the crafting system as is, but it could be expanded into other interesting areas, like research of occult relics, unlocking powerful spells that can provide buffs to  your faction or gear, unlocking interdimensional gateways.  What about spying on the other factions or infiltrating research facilities?   There's all kinds of horizontal systems that are much more interesting and actually fit the theme of the game, where a black market would be the only viable choice.

    Sheez, if I wanted to spend time with an anvil piecing together mined ore or farming nodes, I'd be playing Warcraft.  And I really can't see the factions selling stuff on the farmer's market, either.

    Here's a few ideas that are actually good:

    Exploration Zones

    Open World PvP

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,023

    All nice ideas but all i want from Funcom is to attach the characters lower body to the upper body and make animations realistic like in Age of Conan. Games suppose to be realistic. Fix it. And stamina based combat like AoC where you cannot actually just build x5 + finish + spam + faceroll = win, rinse and repeat. They made AoC so they have the codes already so its not like they are doing it from scratch.

    I like everything else in TSW but i rather stick to AoC just because of that. That change would improve TSW tremendously.


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