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Marvel Heroes: Closed Beta Key Giveaway #2



  • ookibakaookibaka Member UncommonPosts: 38
    Even tho he probably won't be playable, I would pick Thanos cause it took the whole marvel universe to take him on and lets face it, being a mad titan would rock.
  • LodimLodim Member Posts: 1
    Wolverine, Cuz im bored of diablo 3. And i need a real MMO Rpg. Let me try it. Thanks
  • DoorNailDoorNail Member UncommonPosts: 3

    Jean-Grey. The very thought of the cosmic entity Phoenix only choosing a strong host out of the entire universe already says she was better than Professor X or Emma Frost before being possess. Besides, Phoenix is able to destroy a whole planet, 'nuff said.

  • Reaver78Reaver78 Member UncommonPosts: 1

    Squirrel Girl, because even though she's an obscure character in the marvel universe she's beaten Wolverine, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, and even Thanos. Also one of her powers is to talk to squirrels which could come in haandy some point down the line.


  • MrBum21MrBum21 Member UncommonPosts: 405

    I would go with Longshot.  There is something about a guy who can throw a knife in the wrong direction but some how due to sheer luck have it bounce around the room and hit the only weak spot the enemy has, which happens to be under his armpit.


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  • doragon86doragon86 Member UncommonPosts: 589
    Probably Deadpool, cause that fellow is quite amusing. 

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    And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill,
    And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!"
    ~Lord George Gordon Byron

  • MetalMatrixMetalMatrix Member UncommonPosts: 3
    Well I am not sure they will have this Marvel Character in it but I would like to Play ROM since he could vaporize bad guys. Otherwise it will be Wolverine...Claws are the best.
  • Marbo27Marbo27 Member Posts: 1
    I would most definitely play as Daredevil! I absolutely love his story and he has always been the hero I have followed through marvel's comics. The world is cruel to Matt, his life has been torn apart so many times, the loves of his life ripped from his heart.. yet he still fights to bring justice to the innocent!
  • SiveriaSiveria Member UncommonPosts: 1,411
    Wolverine because to put it simply hes a bad-ass who kicks ass, Though I do admit I wish you could make your own character insted of playing predefined characters. Another choice would be Cable because guns are fun toys to play with and Cable has a wide selection of said toys to play with.

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  • knightfall98knightfall98 Member UncommonPosts: 64
    i would pick deadpool becuase of the 15% chance of taco and the 85% chance of awesomeness and 12% chance of sombrero and the 100% chance of him shooting you for pointing out my horrible math skills
  • MindTrickedMindTricked Member UncommonPosts: 39
    Spider-Man. Favorite hero for over 30 years (because I'm old).
  • nifelvind17nifelvind17 Member Posts: 1
    Thor, He is my favorite hero. Also, I love Norse mythology and thats another reason :D
  • tjet73tjet73 Member UncommonPosts: 19
    Hulk, who doesn't love to smash stuff.
  • DeathRogueDeathRogue Member UncommonPosts: 2
    The Hulk. Because no one is stronger than Hulk!!! No ONE!!!! Hulk STRONGEST there IS!!!!! LoL
  • MirathelMirathel Member UncommonPosts: 137

    Daredevil no question...

    Ever since i was a kid i loved reading about daredevil, even after the terrible movie came out in theaters with ben afflek i still loved this super hero. Why? because matt murdock lives in the worst places in the world and he is a blind, brutal justice dealer on the streets of Hell's Kitchen. I believe he is the most tormented super hero out of them all.


    If i got a beta key i would definately be playing daredevil ASAP! :)


  • RiftstarRiftstar Member UncommonPosts: 22
    My hero of choice is Nova! The Human Rocket would have to make his presence known, crashing into villains at hypersonic velocities while juggling celestial levels of gravimetric energy. With the power of the Nova Force at his disposal, and the near-omniscient assistance of the Xandarian Worldmind, Nova is an unstoppable force for good. That's why I choose Nova!

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  • drchocapicdrchocapic Member Posts: 27
    Two words : Rocket. Raccoon. You just can't beat a freaking raccoon with a huge gun and attitude. The huge sidekick doesn't hurt either. Groot !
  • bbbb42bbbb42 Member UncommonPosts: 297
    o.0 am i  really the only one who said silver surfer

  • snoockysnoocky Member UncommonPosts: 700
    Mr. Fantastic!  All the things he can do :)

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    Edgar Allan Poe

  • willxxxwillxxx Member Posts: 1
    Punisher  Old School op.



  • skyzefawlunskyzefawlun Member UncommonPosts: 16
    I have to jump on the deadpool bandwagon here.  I just love the character too much to ask for anything else.
  • castiello93castiello93 Member Posts: 1
    Wolverine!!! cos great strength great regeneration, lovee the attitude :D
  • MannyManaMannyMana Member UncommonPosts: 121

    If they release Venom as a playable "Hero" I will pick that because frankly., he is just a badass and I have been in love with the Venom symbiote since I read my first comic of it as a kid.


    Who doesn't want to play this???


    Otherwise I would be happy playing The Punisher (Superpower: Being a  badass) or Deadpool (Because Chimichangas are awesome).

  • liva98989liva98989 Member UncommonPosts: 252
    I would like to play Kitty Pryde, she is an awesome character and I really hope they will add her.


  • tankknattankknat Member UncommonPosts: 68
    Mrs Marvel... Need i say more...
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