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How do you build up your skills?

kishk91kishk91 Member Posts: 8

Hello All,

Im rather new to EVE ( which i think is an awesome game ),
I'v been thinking about how you build up your skills.
There are so many.
What would you suggest?
put most in one tree? ( i.e learning, mechanic, eng. )
or divinding among all ?
from what i have seen in my short time in eve, you need to divide it.

What do you say ?


  • Ranma13Ranma13 Member Posts: 747

    Training skills (yes, plural) are a must. What are you trying to do in EVE? That dictates what skills you should get.

  • kishk91kishk91 Member Posts: 8

    Originally posted by Ranma13
    Training skills (yes, plural) are a must. What are you trying to do in EVE? That dictates what skills you should get.

    Well, to tell you the truth: I have no idea!!! ::::02::
    im too new to this game and i dont know what i can or cannot do yet :-) (my ship is Excecutionar ::::01:: )

    at the moment, im doing some money, mostly from minning and looting.

    What else can i do ? be a pirate? join corp ( and then what? )
    I bet that there are many things i can do .


  • TrakenTraken Member Posts: 172

    EVE can "basically" be run into these catagories: Combat, Mining, Trading, Manufacturing, Moon Mining (way late game).

    You can be a pirate, a Mostwanted hunter (somehow...), or anything you can really think of within the game's context.

  • kishk91kishk91 Member Posts: 8

    ::::40:: Sounds to me that it is the best fun is to be the bad guy::::26::

  • ScarletMoonScarletMoon Member Posts: 28

    Focus on Learning Skills 1st , take all the basic attribute skill to lv4 , u can take those skill later on

    The main skill must be focused on to fight is : Gunnery , Navigation , Space ship commands , Mechanic, Engineer , Electronic and more ... well at least not Industry image

    I think u should try to search the EVE forums which has a lot of advise about learning things in the "good way", it takes me 4 days reading to figure it a shape for a fighting character and days after to decide which to learn 1st ... its a long run in EVE , go for it image

    btw fly safeimage


  • Ranma13Ranma13 Member Posts: 747

    Miner: mine asteroids, good money but boring for most people.

    Hunt NPC rats: easy and moderately interesting, moderate income.

    Player pirate: kill other players and loot their cargo, need good skills and experience in order to profit from it though.

    Trader: find good trade routes on the market and run them to earn good money. Kinda boring but at least you don't have to attend to the computer like you have to do while mining.

    Agent mission runner: income increases as you do more missions but so does difficulty. Tasks range from transporting cargo, killing NPC rats (in both open space and complexes), and collecting specific items for the agent.

    Manufacturer: buy ore and a blueprint on a market, study to see where you can earn a nice profit, then make a ton of items and sell them.

    Corporation CEO: run a corporation, recruit people, set up activities, and plan your expansion.

    I think that pretty much covers the major professions of EVE. There are lesser ones such as bounty hunter or safe spot scanner but those tend to be things you do when you have time, not something you would constantly do when playing EVE.

  • kishk91kishk91 Member Posts: 8

    Thanks for you answers everybody,

    Helped a lot.

    I guess that as a noob, the thing i will do it just try things, see what goes best.

    Hopfully in my next char ill know much better what i want.

    One more Q if i may,

    Is there any way to transfer things ( loot and $$$) from char to char? ( on same account ? )

    I know from few games ( like PristonTale for example ) that all chars share the same wearhouse.

    Is it the same here?  ( please say yes :-)  )




  • dakilla666dakilla666 Member UncommonPosts: 306

    All your characters have independant wallets and hangers however, you can simply use the "find character" option to locate the character you want to give ISK to and then simply select "Send Isk". This will transfer ISK between chracters without any taxes. As for exchanging items, you will need to set up a player specific escrow.

    To do this, you need to hit the "mission" button in an empire station and then look for the "escrow" tab. Select the escrow tab and then you should receive 2 new tabs. Select "Put Items On Escrow" and you will then get a radio button, simply choose the station in which the item(s) is located from the radio button and an inventory of your hanger from that station will appear. From here, you can select items and ships you wish to give or sell (can use escrows to sell items without being taxed). After selecting the items you wish to transfer, make sure to "restrict it" to the name of the character you want to transfer all the items to. The escrow will cost you 850 ISK and you simply have to log on your other character, go back into the escrow menu and choose the other tab to "claim" the escrow.

    Sounds a little complicated when I read over but, it really isn't, just play around with it a bit and you'll figure it out if this post didn't help enough. Oh and btw, if you ever buy stuff off of escrow, make sure to inspect it before claiming it, alot of people like to scam using escrows by naming their escrows "Megathron" and selling them a little bit cheaper than other people on the market but only have like 1 round of ammunition or a 1 run bpc in the actualy escrow.

    Dakilla[666] ~ The Realm ~ Level 1000 enchanter (retired)
    Maranthoric ~ La 4ieme Prophetie ~ Level 160 (5x) HE/Feu (de retour)
    Leonthoric[DDC] ~ EVE online ~ <Fire The "Laser"> (retired)

  • stone-seraphstone-seraph Member Posts: 376

    EDIT: what he said, dakilla beat me to it

    Make of it what you will.

  • pittbull1pittbull1 Member Posts: 108

    Piracy really is the most fun way to play this game.. but like all other things it has its downside::::26::

    U dont need great skills either to be one, its all about using your brain

    If pitbulls could lock their jaw the first pitbull would still be hanging on

  • Ranma13Ranma13 Member Posts: 747

    Considering that the best place to pirate is 0.4 systems and below, and most people you find in there are pretty well-equipped, I'd say you do need some decent skills if you want to earn isk instead of lose it.

  • kishk91kishk91 Member Posts: 8

    Well. actually it does look so complicated .
    and ill try it.

    What about this password locked container ( or what ever) the thing you put in space?? this may help ?
    i meen if i have the password. i can open it dont i? even from diffrent account.

    Thanks again

  • AzirophosAzirophos Member Posts: 447

    Originally posted by kishk91
    Well. actually it does look so complicated .
    and ill try it. What about this password locked container ( or what ever) the thing you put in space?? this may help ?
    i meen if i have the password. i can open it dont i? even from diffrent account.Thanks again

    1.) you place a secure container in your cargo
    2.) you fly to the destination where you want to drop it
    3.) you jettison the container from your hold
    4.) right Click and choose "anchor" (or so) (does not work in highest security ratings
    and you need the "Anchoring" skill from the Corp Skills)
    5.) right Click and choose "set password"

    After that the container can't be moved by anyone, and opening it is restricted to all (!)
    who know the password (including other players, not only other characters on your account).

    Also note that such containers can be destroyed in lower security areas, so never put too
    valuable stuff in them there.

    If you want to exchange items between characters, then either use direct trade (if possible)
    or escrow (tell if you need to know how escrowing an item works). Both methods require the
    two characters to move to the station where the trade is commencing, or the escrow is placed -
    though with escrow they don't have to be there at same time.
    "Sending" items "magically" is not possible as of yet, everything which you want to move
    has to be actually moved by a player's ship.

    About skills.

    Here is a list of skills in the rough order in which you should learn them. This is for a fighter oriented
    character and does not include the additional missile skills, though it gives you a good gasp
    of what is basically important. Train the learning skills only when you start to train a lot of skills to 4 or 5
    before that they are of minor value, and you don't get the chance to try out a lot of things (thereby
    learning EVE "on hand"). I only started to learn the Learning skills about 1-2 months into the game, and
    I couldn't say I had a drawback because of it if I compare my Skills/Skillpoints to others who started
    out at same time.

    Here is the guide

    Originally posted by Mandolin

    Designers need to move away from the old D&D level-based model which was never designed for player vs player combat in the first place.

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