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New-Fangled Touch Screen Laptops

Do those new-fangled Windows 8 havin' touch screen laptops the kids are messing with these days play graphically intensive PC games?


  • BrenelaelBrenelael Member UncommonPosts: 3,821
    Originally posted by theblurch
    Do those new-fangled Windows 8 havin' touch screen laptops the kids are messing with these days play graphically intensive PC games?

    Some do. The touch screen is just a new feature (That isn't really that new). The real issue with being to play any type of modern games on a laptop is that it has to have a discreet video card. On board graphics just won't cut it. The laptop must have a dedicated graphics card with it's own memory. I play most modern games on a 3 year old HP laptop. The reason I can is it has a 1 GB dedicated graphics card in it.




  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    dont bother playing graphic heavy games on laptops unless you are ready for fork out a lot of money for a insanely top of the line laptop. as most if not all laptops are all downgraded from their desktop counterparts trying to play a game on it is always wroght with problems as a graphic card that should support the game cant do to the downclocking. as well batterylife in default laptops are horrible for gaming, and pluging in to a wall port can be annoying for most people (kinda defeats the point of a laptop imo)


    i honestly dont see how gaming with a touch screen can work though.. it would be like playing with a cellphone :/ kinda touchy from my experiance

  • odinsrathodinsrath Member UncommonPosts: 814

    flame on...why would any1 want a touch screen PC ..i just cant wrap my head around it..i mean rly..all a ipad is ..is a over sized phone that cant dial out

    one of my friends said "hey you gonna get one of those ipads!" ..im like why..i have a SGS2 3 laptops and 3 home PCs ...why the hell would i need a ipad lol..imho its just for the people that are still behind times and think the whole "ipad" concept is "cool" and as for windows 8 ..imo its just a flashy new OS that has sheet tons of cool looking menus upon menus to guide you thru / to where you need to go / get to ..its more for the crowd that cant navigate their PC ...flame off


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,238

    There's no reason why a touch screen laptop intrinsically has to be any different from other laptops.  But the only touch-screen laptops I could find in a recent cursory check were all ULV Intel stuff, which is pretty much the bottom of the line apart from netbooks as far as gaming is concerned.

    It's not an issue of a discrete video card versus integrated graphics.  It matters which particular card you get.  Radeon HD 7660G integrated graphics paired properly with dual channel 1600 MHz DDR3 memory can roughly match a discrete GeForce GT 540M/630M/whatever else Nvidia has decided to rename it as.  And it can handily crush lower end discrete cards such as a Radeon HD 6457M or GeForce GT 525M.

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