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Discuss "Sui Generis".


Sui Generis is an open world RPG for the PC featuring ground breaking technology and innovative gameplay.

A believable world. Carefully designed and researched so it feels authentic down to the smallest detail, a living world that makes sense and functions independently of your incursions into it.

Complete freedom of choice.  Choose your approach and devise your own cunning plans. Advanced AI and a hugely interactive game world are capable of supporting almost anything you can think of.

Deep customisation.  Sui Generis has no classes and no levels. Gain powers and train skills to develop unique builds and play styles in a hugely dynamic environment where there are many paths to success.

Advance with a purpose.  Advancement in Sui Generis allows you to do new things and change how you play. The world won't advance with you, you will learn to face ever greater dangers and more daring feats.

Revolutionary gameplay.  Take control of physical forces in a realistic simulation with spectacular and always unique results. Experience lifelike battles in which your wits and skill matter most.

Uncover secrets.  A setting and history developed over the course of many years offer countless secrets and mysteries that have deep, meaningful connections. Will you be able to piece it all together?


Watch the videos and read the more detailed description,help with the project:


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