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Back to basics?

zspawnzspawn Member Posts: 410

Hi guys

I've been gaming since SEGA Mega Drive when I was a kid, never really took a looong break..I kinda moved from console to PC then back to console then back to PC and MMO etc. etc.


Lately I've been thinking...

I played some Super Mario Bros on a website and I was wondering...Where did all that excitement go ? 

I mean, personally I can't even enjoy a game without thinking "achievements" or "gearing up".... 

Did gaming somehow become a 2nd job ? 

I don't even feel stress relief when I play, more like stressed out! 

So I played Mario and I was thinking "why am I collecting coins ? I can't buy anything with these... there isn't even an achievement!"

That thought *really* made me sad for a moment! What did I become ? :D

And then I logged on to WoW...Felt that I had nothing to do there, logged out. Went on Diablo 3 and thought "this is really boring, killing mobs for gold and items?". I do have Rift and Guild Wars 2 on my PC and they have been teasing me but Rift is probably very close to WoW so I'm guesing the same feelings will be replicated...


Before you say "maybe it's time to quit gaming", just don't. I won't completely quit. I am not going to throw away 20 years of my hobby and let's not even count the money spent which cannot be retrieved (no I won't ebay anything).

 I just need to sort it out, find the old flame...

So back to basics ? How do we go back and start getting HEALTHY interest in games, enjoying them for what they are...

How do you change your approach and how you see things ?


I need a plan and who better to contribute from the posters here! :)


(I kinda had an idea of spending a few days with NES/Mega Drive and move forward to more modern games in hope of reliving the progress :P Not sure if it's gonna help)


  • KarahandrasKarahandras Member UncommonPosts: 1,703

    I have sort of done what you're considering.  Went back to play old games but rather than move on to modern games I've been hunting around for old ones I missed at the time.  Lack of anything actually new has killed most of my desire to play mmorpgs. DRM has killed of my desire to play new single player games.  Fed up getting them, being disappointed in them and being lumbered with a product that turned out to be a waste of money and can't do anything with it(pre drm would have bought a physical copy and if didn't like given it away or stuck it on ebay).

    Have to say the old games I am trying/playing now hold my attention a lot more than anything new i've tried.

  • zspawnzspawn Member Posts: 410

    Just looking on my shelf I can count around 100 XBOX360 games I haven't touched... 


    I probably should focus on to them or something...


    Maybe GW2 is the best game to complement the hobby for when I don't have the mood or time to get into a single player game :)

  • Whenever I need to "get back to basics" I load up Ultima 7.
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