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Death of a fanboy, or why one fan is semi-quitting the game



  • NaralNaral Member UncommonPosts: 748
    Originally posted by just1opinion
    Originally posted by aionix
    I think it may be the time for the sandbox to rise.  Personally I stillenjoy GW2, but thats because I'm a casual player nowadays.  What I see happening in MMO's is a shift in market focus.  GW2 may be the last successful themepark MMO, as the industry starts shifting to more sandbox player driven games (the scrapping of EQNext anyone?!).  Just like the fall of console gaming and high graphic linear AAA video games, I believe the themepark MMO is on the way out.


    I read that the developers of EQNext are saying it will be a sandbox rather than a themepark, so.....if that's true.....I can't imagine them scrapping it.

    If the devs keep their word about EQN, which I am admittedly skeptical about considering it is Smedley we are talking about here, but IF they keep their word, and it is not hype, then this could be the game for me. I resist getting excited about anything game related anymore. 

    They just keep letting me down when I get myself pumped up for them. GW2 was nice for me, because I had low expectations going in, and as such had fun while it lasted. I am looking for something better though, and havebeen enjoying the PS2 beta quite a bit. In fact, the pvp in PS2 feels deeper, more immersive, more challenging and meaningful than any pvp I have done in GW2.

    I do not feel ripped off by GW2, but I also do not really feel like I played an MMORPG. 

  • RadakillRadakill Member UncommonPosts: 29

    There are those that can see the train coming miles away, and then there are those that insist there is no train right up until they are a bloody heap under one.

    I have no sympathy at all for fan boys under trains. Its the likes of them that unfortunately, will cheer on a failing creation so that nothing is done to fix the issues that need to be fixed until it is too late, and a potentially good, or even great games player base is almost wiped out.

    Unfortunately, its the players labeled as 'flamers' that point out problem areas in games that get shot down at every opportunity by these idiots that think they are some sort of MMO guardians, the protectors of truth justice and programming blunders. In reality, its the 'flamers' that are the most helpful to realizing, understanding, pointing out and eventually fixing issues vital for the longevity of gameplay.

    But sadly, after a game has lost its momentum and most of its player base, the rock throwing, pitchfork toting protector crowd sits down and wonders why there isnt anyone left to play the game with other then the blowing tumbleweeds.

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