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Newb's review

JazqaJazqa Member Posts: 465

so.. I tried this game +10 hours on pvp & pve servers and still playing, cause this is the best game that works on my pc :P. But btw to my review: This games graphic are awesome ( I really love 2,5d games ). Movement in this game was pretty laggy and theres no players in pvp and only few active and friendy players that I saw in pvp. But sure town is full of afk ppl with their own shops. It isn't grind game, there is many many quests in start(dunno in the end) I think and also it takes a while to lvl to 300, I guess.and it's hard without party cause not players but the gameplay/graphics are awesome  only bad thing in this game it's lacking players. Also lvl/character modify(talents in wow) Is very normal and awesome. You get skill points and stat points and you can learn new skills or up old ones. But whats different from other MMO's when you press X you can change your class to other class, cause one class = two class, my english is too bad to explain but there is classes like wizard, which can transform to werewolf. Tamer - Summoner, Thief - Monk and etc.

I know I registered 5min ago to but I have been searching this site for long and I DID WROTE MY REVIEW 100% MY SELF!

edit: forgot to tell you that there is also story quest that you should do, for example if you have played lotro: there is 'books' as main quests and in guild wars is primary quests.


  • dalin89dalin89 Member Posts: 33
    Agreed.The graphics is great.The dual-class transformation is interesting.But I sometimes use it as a panic
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