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mmorpg.com ranking system

tallredtallred Member UncommonPosts: 46

Anyone know what is going on with the rankings within mmorpg.com?

One week ago I had (64/100) ranking on my account. And now I am at (43/100). I do not understand why it is dropping so fast. I log on every day except for Saturday. And when I'm on I read through all the news articles, go through the forums for about 7 different games, and even rank the occasional game.

I just noticed that the site says "Any posts of yours that had to be deleted will cost you 5 rank points (there are only 100 total).  To prevent your posts from being deleted, please obey our Rules of Conduct.". None of my posts should have been deleted. With as few posts that I do anyways it still shouldn't have dropped this much. Even if they did delete all of my posts.

My biggest fear is that it is no longer capturing my autologin.


  • DeKreeDeKree Member Posts: 4
    its is acknowledging your login...the problem is that you almost have to visit everyday ....for what reasons./..well thats not hard to figure out. What burns me up is the fact that alot of us(prolly most) cant be here all the time...and they make us suffer.  sooo not cool imo
  • DeKreeDeKree Member Posts: 4


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