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Boycott EA!

There is a Growing concern these days with how our mmo companies like to treat their customers! However few if none have the Guts to stand up against them! In the Case of EA its staff has become totally arrogant to the players! If they say Rape! Its a ban! if they say Cracker! its a ban! Even if not used in the context originally stated in the TOS!


The reason I come here is to let out in the open about how EA Treated me and my Cousin recently! Loyal UO Fans (of about a year and a half actually) My cousin was banned for saying just as I stated above "Cracker". Now to someone who has no idea about the situation, that could be construde as a wrong thing to say! However he was being called that by someone! he called the GM and repeated it back to him meaning to put a questionmark on the end of "Cracker".

He Logged in the next day to find the GM he asked for protection banned him and now EA customer service is too high and mighty to review the situation even though he was totally justifiable!!

Sure he had some history but its no worse than anything else going on there! The tops of houses have all sort of Offensive things written or as symbols and nothing is done! People Curse and yell at each other and nothing is done!

What am I up in arms about? Not so much Language issues! But the fact that each and every one of you MMO players out there have experienced an mmo's customer service department and Those of you who have know how much they dont care because your easily replaced! But do you pay money for that? Do you walk into a walmart and let a manager tell you to buzz off and find stuff elsewhere without talking to his/her boss?

Heres what I suggest! Stop the Tyrrany by standing up with me! I cannot fight them alone! Don't waste your money on UO and if you can quit the drug then do so now! You are only slapping yourself in the face! If we take EA to its knees we might find a customer oriented company a few years down the line! If we knock a Giant to its knees all those smaller than him will kneel too! All those equal or bigger will certainly think twice about crossing you!!

Boycott EA Games and Especially Ultima Online!

Demands : Real Customer Service (Respect), Stop spending our money to support other economies! (stop outsourcing)


There are several reasons EA needs to be slapped down! How many of you have Web Designers as family that lost their rear ends in the IT crash? Well these monstrous companies found their web designers elsewhere! Other countries where the price is cheaper! they can pay below min. wage there!


How about Customer Service? More and more customer service issues are going to foreign countries with whom we have no return flow to our patrons economies! Lost your Customer Service job? Well guess who has it? Well its Good ol' Abu Pattel over in New Dheli! This anti Westerner is handleing your accounts which is a large bit to do with why we are unsatisfied with EA Games! Nice to see a friend or family member in your own country starving while someone gets paid by you VIA an American Company in some far off country where the game isnt even really available.


Now im new to this site as a member! I love MMORPG.COM and mean no Disrespect by posting this but before you go off and decide my message to everyone is inappropriate! Please consider the fact that if you do! You are standing against every paying MMO customer there is! Probably Including yourself!


Just thought id let you all know! Please heed my words! stand with me and Fight! we can bring this Giant to its Knees!





We Fight for our Rights as Paying Customers!


  • WushuscholarWushuscholar Member Posts: 9

    UPDATE: My Cousin,


    Now the GM After being addressed by me decided to re-email my cousin with a Fake Log of what he said to justify their means.

    They claimed new things were logged when they only sent 1 word "Cracker". They attempt to justify themselves with new Lies! Some of the things which were said granted shouldnt have been said but the offense he was banned for was not logged! Other than the word "Cracker" the other offenses logged were from other conversations but still claimed to be the same time!

    If this is how little respect they treat customers with then this must be stopped! I will give you an example of my first and only offense!

    You see I got in an arguement with someone, I threatened to have my guildmates "Rape" him on site in Fel! The Context of course just meant to beat him brutally! However the GM staff still saw it fit to not even reconsider their decisions! They banned me from 3 days! Totally ignoring the fact that they were giving me time to lose my addiction for their game!


    UO is a wonderful concept! its Outdated but its a great concept but people we have to stand up to be treated like paying customers or we are nothing but addicted scum that they can milk for every dollar they wanna milk us for to them!


    So stand! make your Voice heard!


    We Fight for our Rights as Paying Customers!

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,194

    Can I assume you called someone a cracker?

  • ZenNatureZenNature Member CommonPosts: 354
    People have been trying to boycott EA for so many years that it's really a dying argument, long before you even posted. I don't agree with how they treat customers either (or their own employees for that matter because I know people that worked there), but it's pretty simple really. I don't buy their games and I don't work for them so I don't have to deal with it. There are more important things in the world to be upset about then a game company and it's in-game policies. Just make the choice to play a different game.
  • galefan2004galefan2004 Member Posts: 127

    I have gotten 2 bans in the last week from Stratics because I dared to speak out against UO and the great EA. The game is a joke. The community is a bigger joke. It has all gone down hill to the point that it will never go up hill again. Just be happy you got out now.

  • strigoiviistrigoivii Member Posts: 173

    um...good luck?

  • LuRaviLuRavi Member Posts: 239

    Galefan2004 is right,

    Stratics is a joke. The U.Hall Moderators mock other posters the Developers do not coummunicate with the playerbase well enough.

    They allow biased moderators to run the Shard Forums.

    The largest guildmaster of a guild is in charge of a shard forum, said person is a controlling ego driven GM, said person has kicked many people out of said guild and given bans to same people holding vendettas against them. Said Person has a player in said guild who is a moderator of the U.Hall forum who makes the person in his guild who moderates U.Hall remove posts that are not to said Guildmasters liking.

    Shard forums are not objective and not allowed to develop their own flavor for the type of shard it is. Shard Moderation is only tolerant of the play style they participate in.

  • garrison13garrison13 Member Posts: 97

    Is cracker some sort of American term of abuse? Where I come from it's a dry biscuit I put cheese on.
    One thing that pisses me off about stratics is half the mods don't even play the game any more.

  • ZhanghiaZhanghia Member UncommonPosts: 1,312

    Cracker is a racial slur for caucasians, at least from what I gather.

  • LuRaviLuRavi Member Posts: 239

    Frankly what I find sad , about the use of that word and another word that starts with R and has 3 more letters in reference to what you've done to someone else.

    Is that now people wait for someone else to say that word and call a GM on them, Its like a tactic used in game, call GM's to remove the opposition because the GM's arent' smart enough to realize its a tactic used in game.

    No offense but if we are out playing basketball on the street, there is a lot of competition going on between two teams, and smack talk is part of the fun.

    its a Shame that GM's arent' smart enough to realize it. Especially when its obviously in felucca, where *gasp* PvP activity happens, or between groups who have PvP'ed in the past and they have rivlaries.


    Honestly if your a veteran GM, or even worse if your GM Platnium the HEAD GM who reviews bannings, its really not that hard to figure out who the PvP guilds are on shards in Ultima Online and know they are up to this activity....However on the flip side if this were WoW with SOOOO many servers *points EA jealous much* it would be understandable why you could not keep track. On Ultima Online it is easy to realize that certain guilds on certain shards engage in this activity a lot.


    My take on situations simliar to this its just depressing that GM's fall into traps and allow these tactics to go on.

  • moleculemolecule Member Posts: 48

    Maybe some of you people should just grow up and stop talking schoolyard smack in a game that is based on a midieval fantasy setting.

  • pyros98pyros98 Member Posts: 267

    I haven't bought an EA product since the release of UO:AOS...

  • tormundatormunda Member Posts: 34

    Ok this is a bit weird.

    I'm from the UK and know of no issues with the word cracker. Is it just on American servers that such words and slang can get you banned?
    It would be a bit strange for someone on a European Server (Like Europa) to get banned for a word that is slang in America???!!!

    Likewise will people on Europa get banned for calling someone spunky. As that sure isn't the same thing over here as it is in the states! 

  • MacroPlanetMacroPlanet Member UncommonPosts: 1,088

    I've finally dropped my hat for this game. 


    I bought UO when t2a came out.  Ever since then the game started slowly slidding down hill.  But it wasn't until AoS when it tumbled down the hill.  But I stuck with UO.  I loved it, I still bought ever expansion that came out hopeing that someday it WILL get better.  But it never did, now they just came out with the Mondains Legacy expansion.  I give up. . .definitally not going to buy that.  I'm done with UO and will never go back into the world again.


    Thanks Electronic Arts (EA)

  • garrison13garrison13 Member Posts: 97

    Personally it's never been better on Europa AFAIC. The new dungeons are full, the EM events leading up to the ML release have been excellent, lot of WoW people coming back.
    If you don't like it, don't play, don't pay for the expansion,do something else apart from moan and whine.

  • LuRaviLuRavi Member Posts: 239

    You Simply Gotta be kidding me Garrion13. This post is complaining about Garrion13 telling the players to fuck off if we the players do not like it.

    These Developers of UO fail in so many regards and its the players fault for complaining.

    I'll give you a new example.

    More than two months ago, they gave away FIVE castles in Malas on EVERY SHARD, and said they would post the winners. They never have, we've never had a front page response on it, simply simple replies about not being able to contact the winners. To begin with, others have claimed that EA or UO uses a third party bulk emailer, and Many have complained on Stratics that they never get any newsletter or any correspondence concerning UO/EA. Why after two months do we not have Binky or Wilki standing up and screaming up and down proving there is no stupid conspiracies or problems, Why not even throw us a bone and announce those winners that they have contacted. We've merely heard scattered response from players who claim they won.

    This is an example if they, and it comes down to TWO people really wanted to set a good public example of the Ultima Online game could do so yet, they do not.

    I do not care about excuses I'm simply pointing out what has happened.

    Binky and Wilki and EA/Ultima Online have dropped the ball again on this matter. The matter is so big that it should be handled by the person DIRECTLY in charge of Ultima Online at this point. Otherwise how do we not call Scam on anything else they do.

  • garrison13garrison13 Member Posts: 97

    Apologies, I've edited my post. UO Radio are doing an interview with Wilki perhaps someone could bring up the castle giveaway.

  • DigableDDigableD Member Posts: 71

    Originally posted by Zhanghia
    Cracker is a racial slur for caucasians, at least from what I gather.

    The derogatory remark for a caucasians came from the early to middle 1800's. It stems from a white persons whipping a black slave, from those days, hence the term, whip "cracker" (at least that's what my history proffesor told me). I hope no one takes offence, if they do, flame on. ::::28::

  • RekindleRekindle Member UncommonPosts: 1,206

    Originally posted by ZenNature
    People have been trying to boycott EA for so many years that it's really a dying argument, long before you even posted. I don't agree with how they treat customers either (or their own employees for that matter because I know people that worked there), but it's pretty simple really. I don't buy their games and I don't work for them so I don't have to deal with it. There are more important things in the world to be upset about then a game company and it's in-game policies. Just make the choice to play a different game.


    I think the day they canned UO2 they decided to see just how long they could milk the original game and have been laughing all the way to the bank ever since.  EA didn't invent UO, just as SOE didn't *really* invent EQ. Big game makers don't give a rats ass nor do they make the time in their day to sort through issues like this.

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