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Gloria Victis - polish Indie MMO project ( Ether Fields continuation)

rastapastorrastapastor Member UncommonPosts: 188

Inb4 deleting thread. Gloria Victis is a continuation of Ether Fields project but on different engine (Unity 3D) and with different leader. I'm pasting here thread that was deleted from the general forum (reason advertising), so i hope it will be the proper one. It would be cool if staff would change this frum from Ether Fields into Gloria Victis.


Imagine that you are thrown into a world 20 years after violent and bloody events, which swept across the whole continent as a wave of wars, crusades and unexplained assassinations. Now you become a centre of a conflict between ascendants of the first creators of the world.

Choose your side in this conflict, choose your guild, family and chapter, and claim the holy land in their name, taking it back from the usurpers. You can join your friends and follow the path of lost artefacts from ancient legends. You can delve deep into this world’s history and benefit from its glory and wisdom.

Know however that each and every move of yours is followed by enemies who await your moment of weakness. As soon as it happens, they will come and take what is the most precious to you.

Will you dare to accept such a challenge?


Developer :  Black Eye Games

Type: F2P

Setting: Medival age

Release: No ETA


- free MMORPG, inspired by the best of games such as Gothic and Baldurs Gate

- brutal, medival world, where magic is elite and mysterious and its ways are based on the authentic beliefs from the time period,

-melee, ranged and mounted combat conducted with virtual replicas of authentic medival weaponary in a non-target system,

-combat system reasembling the game Mount & Blade,

-attack combos for simple and special blows requiring specific key combinations,

-unrestricted character development (no classes),

-mature, non-linear plot based on conflict values, not afraid to explore serious issues,

-extensive, non-linear quests, where player's choices influence game's plot and independent characters attitudes,

-possibility of carrying out some tasks by an automatic skill use or by playing a mini-game (which would yield additional benefits),

-10 systems of varied crafting skills that will let players create items and use them in the  in-game economy,

-open PvP,

-guild system uniting players.

-trade between players,

-battles and sieges that will give one of the sides control over given locations,

-mini-games such as lance tournaments,

-Unity 3D engine that supports Windows, Mac and Linux.


Are You tired of Elins, Asuras, Goblins, fluffy magic and all that fantasy shit? Gloria Vitcis will be the first MMO based on the hardcore and brutal medival ages.

This world has no mercy...










What is Gloria Victis


Gloria Victis is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) with a great focus on classic roleplay. The world is inspired by the medieval Europe and Near East with fantasy elements such as mythical creatures from Slavic folklore.


How much will the game cost in its final version? Will there be a monthly fee?


The game will be free to play (F2P), but there will be so called Item Shop. Yet the items sold there for real-world money will not break the game's balance. They will be purely cosmetic or quality of life items. Few of them may be available for free in game, but they will require a lot of time and effort to obtain.


What about the game's combat system?


Gloria Victis will operate on a non-target combat system. The player will have to aim and attack in the right direction and from the right distance. The missiles will follow the laws of physic and will not be homing. Dexterity and tactics will matter in combat.


Will there be character classes ingame?


No. Player will have freedom in building their character using special stats and skills, but we will generate ready paths for those players, who'd rather follow something premade.


Is there going to be a crafting system and a way to enhance items and if so: will it have visual effects?


In Gloria Victis there will be 10 different crafts to choose from that players will develop as they see fit. Though upgrading an item will not bring shiny auras. It will also be more than just adding on runes.


Can we have our own pets ingame?


Character companions will be mostly animals (like hunting/war dogs, hunting eagles). They will have specific functions and controlling them will require obtaining proper skills.


Will there be magic in Gloria Victis?


Magic in GV will be an elite skill that only few will possess. It will be mostly based on illusion, alchemy and occultism.


How does the Gloria Victis world look like and what nations will be available for players?


The world is varied and open, created after the middle ages; especially their architecture, attires and customs. The nations available in the game will also be based on those, that existed in the real world. Playes will be able to choose between 4 nations: Etherians, Asken, Northern and Nuntians.


How does the quests system look like?


Quests in the game will resemble those you see in the classical cRPGs. They're multi-pathed and sometimes picking one of the paths will significantly influence the gameplay. Following a chosen path wll bring moral and ethical dilemmas as well as change the NPC attitude.


The game will be free of so called "Asian fireworks". Won't it lessen its appeal?


Gloria Victis is being developed for the fans of classic cRPGs such as Baldur's Gate, Gothic or Neverwinter Nights and it's simply different than today's Asian game standards that is predominant in the MMORPG market.




Be aware that this game is in the pre-alpha stage, so the animations, graphics etc will improve (yes animations are bad, thats why Black Eye studio wants to collect some money to make some motion-capture sessions and to improve the overall developement process). Pre-alpha will start soon.

I'm not working for the Black Eye Games, i'm just simple fan of this project so i want as much ppl as possible to know about it ;)


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