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Cycle of websites

bliss14bliss14 Member UncommonPosts: 576

Just out of curiousity, as I'm always looking for something new to pay attention to for five minutes :)  What sites do you visit regularly for news or forums or whatever else it might be. 

I go to this website for a quick read probably daily, si.com, espn.com, iheartradio.com for rock nation, cnn.com, yahoo.com.  if i'm looking for videos, then youtube.com or funnyordie.com. 

anything you guys and gals check out often that maybe others might like?


  • TigerAeroTigerAero Member Posts: 127

    Since I'm in the Army I follow Lake Xeno alot. It's a tight-knit community soldiers in the Army have started. It's that place you go to when you wanna just sit and relax and chat about things you wouldn't or don't chat about at work. (Religion, spirituality, conspiracies etc.)




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