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need help finding more music like this



That's the Hell on Wheels theme, I was wondering if anyone knew any artists who play stuff like that, I especially like the twangy guitar bit,





That's from breaking bad, again the guitar bit.

I just want to know where to find more of this! Tired of hearing the same tunes over and over...


Thanks in advance!


  • JenuvielJenuviel Member Posts: 960

    Things that spring to mind:

    Some of Kaya Project's work: ...And So It Goes, Dust Devil, Shifting Sands

    The Firefly theme (which you're probably already familiar with).

    Sarah Jarosz: Song Up In Her Head, Annabelle Lee, Ireland's Green Shore, Sierra Hull: Chasin' Skies, Bombshell and insanity like this.


    Unfortunately, I tend more towards Psybient music (Shpongle, Entheogenic, Prometheus, etc.) than I do Americana/Bluegrass/Mountain Music, so I don't really have the same depth of references there - even Kaya Project's primarily electronica, they just use actual instruments in addition to synths and effects.


    Sarah Jarosz and Sierra Hull were and are both prodigies I was fortunate enough to stumble across thanks to Austin City Limits and YouTube, but they're just two among a much wider field that's mostly unknown to me. They both frequently cite Tim O'Brien and Bill Munroe as major influences (and perform covers of their work), so maybe look those two up as well. The biggest problem you'll probably have is that each artist has a lot of variety even within a single album; both Jarosz and Hull have bright, upbeat, vocal tracks as well as more aggressive instrumental pieces on the same release.


    (If you want to feel wholly inadequate as a human being, watch this LINK of Sierra Hull and Ryan Holladay. They can't be much more than 10 years old).


    EDIT: Also, do some searches based around the term "Dobro." It's the type of slide guitar heavily associated with southwestern music and blues, a la the Breaking Bad theme. Example: LINK. Jerry Douglas is probably a good place to start for dobro stuff.

  • Zeppelin5083Zeppelin5083 Member Posts: 410

    I just tried out the first link and I realized it was awesome within seconds of listening to it, can't wait to try out the other recommendations!


    Thanks for the help!

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