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Stretch Goals are out! 1mil on kickstarter and we get to own a corvette!

reanorreanor Member UncommonPosts: 441

Kickstarter stretch goals:

$750.000 - every pledger is getting a repair bot
$1.000.000 - playable ship corvette + 500 credits for every pledger

Main stretch goals: (= RSI pledges + Kickstarter pledger)

“We Have Liftoff!”

Initial Goal – $2+ million Pledged – MISSION ACHIEVED!
?Community Updates
?Star Citizens will get to play in the multiplayer dogfighting Alpha (12 months)
?Star Citizens will receive access to the Squadron 42 campaign (18 months) ?30 missions

$2.5 million Pledged
?An additional flyable ship, the Anvil Gladiator

“One Small Step For Man…”

Stretch Goal 1 – $3+ million Pledged
?Increased Community Updates!
?Squadron 42
?35 missions in Squadron 42

?Star Citizens will receive access to the Star Citizen universe for online persistent play (30 months)
?Privateer-like gameplay
?Multiple Star Systems to Explore – 40 star systems

$3.5M Pledged

“… A Tall Ship and a Star to Steer Her By”

Stretch Goal 2 – $4+ million Pledged
?Increased Community Updates!Creation of Professional Mod Tools provided free to players ?Monthly Dev. Team Webcasts
?Squadron 42 - Richer Storyline
?45 missions in Squadron 42
?Star Citizen Persistent Universe
?An additional flyable ship on launch, NAME?
?50 Star systems

$4.5 Million

“Have Starship Will Travel…”

Stretch Goal 3 – $5+ million Pledged
?Tablet companion Application to check on your inventory, commision or find missions and get the galactic news feed
?Increased Community Updates!
?Monthly Town Hall Meeting with Chris Roberts

?Squadron 42
?Celebrity voice-acting for Squadron 42; we will bring back at least one favorite from Wing Commander!
?50 Missions

?Star Citizen Persistent Universe
?Star Citizen will match Privateer, with 70 star systems to explore on launch.
?Additional base type: can you discover the alien derelict…

$5.5 Million

“To Infinity And Beyond…”



  • SaintPhilipSaintPhilip Member Posts: 713

    I dont know...But the Devs will sure have a few Corvettes. =D

    EDIT: Give us a million dollars and we give you a virtual corvette while buying a few non virtual and real corvettes for ourselves. =)

    Anyhow, I am kidding- I think this looks potentially cool- just a funny thread (to me..)

  • Xondar123Xondar123 Member CommonPosts: 2,543
    Looks cool, I imagine that all this stuff they are promising in the stretch goals would be there anyway, it would just take much longer to get released with updates.
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